Britton Wilson Throws Down At VA, And Now Strives For More

LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA--Given the time, the opportunity, and the competition, Britton Wilson believed she was ready to snag her best performance yet at 300 meters on Friday at The VA Showcase. 

To her right, a familiar face readied in her blocks: Nansemond River's Kori Carter

And in many ways, the pair had been linked with their success through the years in Virginia, both in the sprints and the hurdles. 

Nothing really changed mentally in the pair's first race against each other in 2019. But that dangerous combo did produce something special, with Wilson swinging around Carter on the backstretch and coming home for a US No. 10 all-time performance of 37.71 seconds. 

It was Wilson's first effort under 38 seconds, and a breakthrough of sorts to begin the year, one in which the University of Tennessee signee believes she's ready to hone in on some records. 

"I've learned to kind of go with my confidence, know my race plan and be able to put it out there on the track," she said. 

Wilson said she had been focusing hard on her blocks this indoor season, believing if she could form a powerful jump that times would start to fall. 

"They had always been a little rocky," she said. "I worked out on getting out and getting them in. That's what really helped me this year." 

But without Carter on the outside, rolling on the top of the bank and urging Wilson to her finest form, the record race may not have come as early as it did. 

"I'm glad we got to run against each other and push each other," Wilson said. 

As for records, Wilson said that will come in time. 

"I want to try to at least PR as much as I can and when I get there, I can break records," she said. 

Next up: The 500 on Saturday. 

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