Meet Registration: B Teams

MileSplit allows teams to register a B Team. Different than Varsity & JV, B Teams act as a separate team. 

Key Benefits

  • If meet fees are set up, B Teams will be charged as an additional team. (Note: Meet Directors can set a different fee for B Teams)
  • B Teams will download into HyTek under a different code, meaning they will score as a separate team. 
  • If an event allows only two athletes from a certain team, a team that brings a B Team can have two athletes for both their A & B Teams.

Enabling Up B/C Teams

On the Setup tab in Meet Manager, in the Registration section, there is a radio button for Allow B/C Teams. Turning this on will allow teams to register for a second or third time.

Charging B Teams a Different Amount

Under the Payment Options on the Setup tab in Meet Manager, once B Teams are enabled, the "Maximum B/C Team Fee Overall" will be enabled. This allows setting a max fee that is different for a B Team than a high school's first team. 

Example: In this meet, a school's first team will cost a max of $200 while their B Team would cost an additional $100 for a total of $300 for their A & B Team. (Note: fees are set up on the division level & these are the max amounts per team, level, athletes)

Adding a B Team

In order to add a B Team, register for the meet as normal. When at the "Enter Athletes" step, if the meet is set up for B Teams, on the right side of the page there will be a "Teams" section. 

From here, you will automatically jump to the divisions step. Once on the "Enter Athletes" step, you will be able to switch between your A Team & B Team on the right side. 


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