MileSplit Coaches Corner Episode 6: CBA's Sean McCafferty

Coaches Corner is back and this week we bring you a long conversation we had with Christian Brothers Academy (NJ) head coach Sean McCafferty. 

Coach McCafferty took over one of the most successful boys programs in the country from legendary coach Tom Heath in 2016 after spending two years as an assistant. Heath coached the CBA boys from 1970-2015 and started possibly the most illustrious winning streak in the country - a dual meet winning steak that currently sits at 364. 

Coach McCafferty spoke on a variety of topics ranging from program traditions to training cycles to teaching Latin as Parker and Kyle snaked through their stream of consciousness. 

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Time breaks:

0:00 - Show Intro 

01:35 - Northeastern states vs. California on the national stage

03:30 - The effects of weather on regional and national performance

06:00 - Sean McCafferty Intro and CBA Background

9:00 - Learning from and leaning on the coaching community in NJ 

10:00 - Learning from the legendary Coach Tom Heath

13:33 - "We race the race we're in"

14:58 - Putting Tuohy's Shore Coaches/Holmdel Park record into perspective

19:45 - The crazy dual meet winning streak

20:43 - McCafferty's first dual meet that he coaches and how he coaches dual meets now

26:07 - Building and strengthening the CBA Tradition

28:32 - What's on your reading list? 

29:40 - How to establish a 9 second 1-5 spread

32:10 - Team culture best practices

34:05 - The interchangeability of CBA's varsity -- 25 different scorers in 2018 so far 

36:39 - CBA's 2018 campaign

41:45 - The key to making it to NXN

43:48- Training program - Daily mileage over weekly mileage, the benefits of threshold/tempo running and cut-down runs, weekly cycles,  

53:24 - Lightning round!

*We were out of town last week - you can expect another episode coming next week!