MileSplit LIVE Replay: Great Oak's Statement Making Wins

The MileSplit LIVE crew chats with Flrunners webmaster Adair Lyden, breaks down some of the top storylines of the week, reviews the MileSplit50 release, announces their Pizza Roll Winner of the Week and answers some fun Instagram questions from readers of MileSplit. 

Check out the show above. 

Run of Show: 

  • Chatting with Flrunners' Adair Lyden [2:52-11:13]
  • Richard Springs Invitational breakdown [12:18]
  • Things we learned from Trinity/Valkyrie [17:44]
  • Implications from the superb MSU Spartan Invitational [22:38]
  • Nico Young's surprise win [28:02]
  • Great Oak's statement-making wins [29:23]
  • Our thoughts on Washington teams on the MileSplit50 [38:44]
  • Pizza Rolls Winner of the Week [42:18]
  • Instagram Question Throwdown [47:04]
  • In 5 Words Or Less, Summarizing Upcoming Meets [50:37]

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