Mondo Duplantis Bypassed At Least $33K To Remain Amateur

By Gordon Mack - FloTrack 

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Unless you've lived under a rock the past two years, recent Lafayette High School (LA) graduate Mondo Duplantis has been on fire lately. Not only has Mondo's pole vault talents surpassed high school and world junior competition -- to the tune of higher and higher World Junior Record heights -- he's has been a consistent top-3 competitor in the world all-season long.

This year, Mondo has finished, second, first, second, fifth, and third in Diamond League competitions. However, despite competing at the highest international level, Duplantis cannot accept prize money in order to maintain his amateur status for NCAA eligibility.

His plans are still to compete at LSU as a freshman---side note: Duplantis' brother, Antoine, will be a senior with the Tigers' baseball team in 2019. 

How much has Duplantis given up in the summer since his graduation? 

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Mondo's 2017 And 2018 Competitions With Prize Money

1st2017 Millrose GamesUnknown
4th2017 Prefontaine Classic$3,000
7th2017 IAAF Diamond League: Lausanne$1,500
1st2017 Sweden Club ChampionshipsUnknown
2nd2017 Stabhochsprung MeetingUnknown
5th2018 All Star PercheUnknown
2nd2018 Prefontaine Classic$6,000*
1st2018 IAAF Diamond League: Stockholm$10,000
1st2018 Montreuil MeetingUnknown
2nd2018 IAAF Diamond League: Paris$6,000
5th2018 IAAF Diamond League: Lausanne$2,500*
3rd2018 IAAF Diamond League: London$4,000
TBD2018 IAAF Diamond League: Final (Brussels)$2k - $50k

  • *Estimated prize money due to event not being a Diamond League final qualifier
  • Unknown prize money most likely ranges from $0 to $2000

If Duplantis has a strong performance at the Brussels Diamond League final and wins, he will have rejected a guaranteed $83,000 in prize money alone, not to mention appearance fees and a shoe contract, all to preserve an opportunity to compete for the LSU Tigers.

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