Announcing The Winners Of The #LevitateLongRun Contest

No surprise here. We have some dedicated, creative and relentless fans.

The #LevitateLongRun contest  has come to an end, and we are excited to announce the winners of the $1,000 swag bag from Brooks - which includes brand new Brooks Levitate shoes!

We've scoured through all of the entries (our legs are tired just looking at all of those long runs!), and the winners of the #LevitateLongRun contest are...

Congratulations @hopepinsonault, @undeadly1103, and @gretchross425 on winning the #LevitateLongRun contest!

On behalf of Brooks and FloSports, thanks to all who participated.

Check out all of the entries on Twitter and Instagram, and keep sending us photos of those long runs. Just because the contest is over, doesn't mean you can stop logging those miles!