New Balance Nationals Photos By Event

Zaria Francis narrowly beating Celera Barnes in the 60m final! Photo: Kyle Brazeil

MileSplit had a great crew of photographers at The Armory to bring you images from all the events at the 2016 New Balance Indoor Nationals. Huge shoutout to Mary Ann Magnant, Steven Pisano, Joe Swift, Kyle Brazeil, and Lisa McArthur for taking over 18,000 photos!

eventsectionMary Ann MagnantSteven PisanoJoe SwiftKyle BrazeilLisa McArthur
Champ Boys 2 Mile RunsFINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 2 Mile RunsUnseededPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 200mTrialsPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 200mFINALPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 400mTrialsPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 400mFINALPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 4x1 Mile RelayFINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 4x200m RelayTrialsPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 4x200m RelayFINALPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 4x400m RelayFINAL - UnseededPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 4x400m RelayFINAL - SeededPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 4x800m RelayFINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 5K (fast section)FINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 5K (slow section)FINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 60m DashTrialsPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 60m DashSemisPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 60m DashFINALPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 60m HurdlesTrialsPhotos
Champ Boys 60m HurdlesSemisPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 60m HurdlesFINALPhotosPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 800mFINAL - UnseededPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys 800mFINAL - SeededPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys Distance MedleyFINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys Freshman 400mFINAL
Champ Boys High JumpFINALPhotos
Champ Boys Long JumpFINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys One Mile RunFINAL - UnseededPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys One Mile RunFINAL - SeededPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys One Mile WalkFINAL
Champ Boys PENT 1000mPENTATHLONPhotosPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys PENT 60m HurdlesPENTATHLONPhotos
Champ Boys PENT High JumpPENTATHLONPhotos
Champ Boys PENT Long JumpPENTATHLONPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys PENT Shot PutPENTATHLONPhotos
Champ Boys Pole VaultFINAL SeededPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys Shot PutFINALPhotos
Champ Boys Shuttle HurdlesFINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys Sprint MedleyFINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys Triple JumpFINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Boys Weight ThrowFINALPhotos
Champ Girls 2 Mile RunFINALPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 2 Mile RunUnseededPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 200mTrialsPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 200mFINALPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 400mTrialsPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 400mFINALPhotosPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 4x1 Mile RelayFINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 4x200m RelayTrialsPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 4x200m RelayFINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 4x400m RelayFINAL - UnseededPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 4x400m RelayFINAL - SeededPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 4x800m RelayFINAL - UnseededPhotos
Champ Girls 4x800m RelayFINAL - SeededPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 5K (fast section)FINALPhotosPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 5K (slow section)FINALPhotos
Champ Girls 60m DashTrialsPhotos
Champ Girls 60m DashSemisPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 60m DashFINALPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 60m HurdlesTrialsPhotos
Champ Girls 60m HurdlesSemisPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 60m HurdlesFINALPhotosPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 800mFINAL - UnseededPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls 800mFINAL - SeededPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls Distance MedleyFINALPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls High JumpFINALPhotos
Champ Girls Long JumpFINALPhotos
Champ Girls One Mile RunFINAL - UnseededPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls One Mile RunFINAL - SeededPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls One Mile WalkFINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls PENT 60m HurdlesPENTATHLONPhotos
Champ Girls PENT 800mPENTATHLONPhotosPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls PENT High JumpPENTATHLONPhotos
Champ Girls PENT Long JumpPENTATHLONPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls Pole VaultFINAL Unseeded
Champ Girls Pole VaultFINAL SeededPhotos
Champ Girls Shot PutFINALPhotos
Champ Girls Shuttle HurdlesFINALPhotosPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls Sprint MedleyFINALPhotosPhotos
Champ Girls Triple JumpFINALPhotos
Champ Girls Weight ThrowFINALPhotos
EE Boys 2 MileFINALPhotos
EE Boys 200mTrialsPhotosPhotos
EE Boys 200mFINALPhotosPhotos
EE Boys 400mFINAL (sections)Photos
EE Boys 4x200mFINALPhotos
EE Boys 4x400mFINAL
EE Boys 4x800mFINALPhotosPhotos
EE Boys 60mTrialsPhotos
EE Boys 60mFINALPhotos
EE Boys 60m HTrials
EE Boys 60m HurdlesFINALPhotosPhotos
EE Boys 800mFINALPhotosPhotos
EE Boys High JumpFINALPhotosPhotos
EE Boys Long JumpFINALPhotosPhotos
EE Boys MileFINALPhotosPhotos
EE Boys Pole VaultFINALPhotosPhotos
EE Boys Shot PutFINALPhotos
EE Boys Sprint Medley RelayFINALPhotos
EE Boys Triple JumpFINALPhotos
EE Boys Weight ThrowFINALPhotos
EE Girls 2 MileFINALPhotosPhotosPhotos
EE Girls 200mTrialsPhotos
EE Girls 200mFINALPhotos
EE Girls 400mFINAL (sections)Photos
EE Girls 4x200mFINALPhotosPhotos
EE Girls 4x400mFINALPhotos
EE Girls 4x800mFINALPhotosPhotos
EE Girls 60mTrialsPhotos
EE Girls 60mFINALPhotos
EE Girls 60m HTrials
EE Girls 60m HurdlesFINALPhotos
EE Girls 800mFINALPhotosPhotosPhotos
EE Girls High JumpFINALPhotos
EE Girls Long JumpFINALPhotos
EE Girls MileFINALPhotos
EE Girls Pole VaultFINALPhotosPhotosPhotos
EE Girls Shot PutFINALPhotos
EE Girls Sprint Medley RelayFINALPhotosPhotos
EE Girls Triple JumpFINALPhotos
EE Girls Weight ThrowFINALPhotos
Freshman Boys 400mFINALSPhotos
Freshman Boys 60m DashTrialsPhotosPhotos
Freshman Boys 60m DashFINALSPhotosPhotosPhotos
Freshman Boys MileFINALSPhotosPhotos
Freshman Girls 400mFINALPhotosPhotos
Freshman Girls 60m DashTrialsPhotos
Freshman Girls 60m DashFINALSPhotosPhotosPhotos
Freshman Girls MileFINALSPhotosPhotos