Great Edinburgh XC Blog: Anna Rohrer, Day 3

Members of the Team USA Junior Women's team pose before their race. Anna Rohrer blogged for MileSplit the day before the race.

Today was a great day in Scotland! The USA team ran on the course together this morning. It was very muddy considering it rains almost everyday here. There is also a small creek in the middle of the course that we have to jump over! It was really cool to run with some of the professional women and learn about their careers. It started raining again just as I was finishing my run, and it continued lightly all day.

After everyone showered and I attempted to clean my new white shoes, a bunch of teammates and I walked to the castle. It was breath-taking looking out over Edinburgh and seeing the mountains laced with fog in the distance. We took so many pictures (like typical tourists). Afterwards, I got a light stretch done by one of the team massage therapists, which was nice because my legs are still a bit tight from my long flight.

On a side note, the food here isn't very different from what we have at home, but we pretty much eat the same things for every meal: A lot of vegetables, fruit, chicken, fish, and bread. Breakfast is normal though, but I don't think they eat peanut butter here :) 

I'm very excited to race tomorrow! The junior girls are ready to represent the USA for the first time! None of us have raced a 4K, but it shouldn't feel much different. I can't wait!