Great Edinburgh XC Blog: Elijah Armstrong, Day 3

Elijah Armstrong (Pocatello) blogged for MileSplit the day before his race. He would finish sixth overall in the Junior Men's race, running a 6k time of 20:36.

Day three in Scotland! So to start off, I slept a little longer then anticipated! But it is was great! Anyways, to the actual important stuff. The U.S. Team all went and ran the course, which was awesome, it was super muddy! But no worries, it'll be an amazing experience! After our run, the junior team headed up to this really cool castle that I forgot the name of! But we had a lot of fun with one another on our walk up, but we had to wait for Cerake to get his Starbucks! But no worries, it was funny! The castle was amazing to see! Just the difference in architecture here with all the old buildings is crazy! After the castle, I walked back to the hotel with Anna and of course, Makena - woah yeah!

We had a team meeting where we picked up our bib numbers! After that, we headed to dinner, all the other athletes started arriving as well! And man, I wish I had a British accent so bad! They're freaky boss! Anyways, that is pretty much day three! Now to go after it tomorrow for USA! So blessed to be here and gain this experience! I'm really honored to represent my family, my religion, and my country!