Speed Rate This! Top 20 Girls Teams from NXN Regionals!

The highest speed rated team among all the at-large NXN bubble teams from the 5 regional races held already? The Palatine girls of Illinois, who finished 3rd at NXN Midwest behind two strong squads in Carmel of Indiana and in-state rivals Naperville North.

With over half of the NXN regional qualifiers completed, we take a look at who were the top performing girls teams using Tullyrunners.com's speed rating system developed by Bill Meylan which attempts to take a crack at evaluating team and individual performances despite varying course conditions.

Below is the average speed ratings by Meylan of Tullyrunners for the top 5 runners of each top 4 finishing team from the 5 NXN regional races held so far. We've ranked them based on those top 5 averages ratings. Highlighted in bold are the teams who have already automatically qualified for the Nike Cross Nationals, while the remaining teams are in consideration for at-large bids with their 3rd or 4th place regional finishes.

Based on the below information, who do you think is in the best position for one of the 4 at-large berths? Keep in mind that we still have 3 NXN regionals (NY, NE, SE) and the California State Meet this upcoming weekend to factor in.

Top 20 Speed Rated Girls Teams from NXN Regionals

Also see Tullyrunners full speed ratings for each NXN regional's results below: 

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