Live Updates from New Balance Nationals

MileSplit will be on-site with extensive coverage for all three days of the 2014 New Balance Nationals Outdoor at North Carolina A&T University's Aggie Stadium in Greensboro, North Carolina from Friday, June 13th through Sunday, June 15th. Expect huge gallery of photos from our photographers, plenty of athlete video interviews from the meet winners from our coverage team, frequent meet updates on the site and through twitter (@milesplit), and more highlights and stories of the top performances from the all three days of action. Also a great deal of pre-meet information and coverage can be found below on the 2014 New Balance Nationals.




2014 New Balance Nationals Outdoor Coverage:



On-Site Coverage


EE Boys 4x800 Champs - Cheektowaga (NY) 7:53.13 EE Girls Mile Champ - Sarah Angell (VA) 4:53.94 EE Boys Mile Champ - Andrew Goldman (VA) 4:12.51 Swedish Boys Relay Champs - Union Catholic (NJ) 1:53.96
Girls Swedish Relay Champs - Union Catholic (NJ) 2:09.95 Girls Race Walk Champ - Meaghan Podlaski (NY) 7:23.40 EE Girls 4x200 Champs - Paul Robeson (NY) 1:42.22 Boys Race Walk Champ - Spencer Dunn (ME) 7:10.44
EE Girls 1600 SMR Runners-Up - Berlin (CT) EE Boys 1600 SMR Champs - Fuquay-Varina (NC) Freshmen Girls 400 Champ - Lauryn Ghee (VA) Freshmen Boys 400 Champ - Darnell Pratt (MD)
EE Girls 100H Champ - Arbria Williams (OH) EE Boys 110H Champ - Tyrik Henry (CT) EE Girls 800 SMR Champs - Phillip O. Berry Academy (NC) EE Boys 800 SMR Champs - Andover (MA)
EE Girls 400 Champ - Emma Gallagher (NY) EE Boys 400 Champ - Jeramey Hampton (GA) Freshmen Girls 2 Mile Champ - Libby Davidson (VA) Freshmen Boys 2 Mile Champ - Nick Dahl (PA)
EE Boys 4x200 Champs - Amherst County (VA) Girls 5K Champ - Anna Rohrer (IN) Boys 5K Champ - Alex Ostberg (CT) Girls Javelin Champ - Tairyn Montgomery (CA)
Girls 4x200 Champs - Parkland (NC) Boys 4x200 Champs - Bowie (MD) Girls 2K Steeple Champ - Kate Zendell (NY) Boys 2K Steeple Champ - Bailey Roth (CA)
Girls Heptathlon Champ - Shaina Burns (MN) Boys 1600 SMR Champs - Hermitage (VA) Girls 1600 SMR Champs - Columbia (NJ) Girls 100 Runner-up - Brenessa Thompson (NY)
Girls 100 Champ - Candace Hill (GA) Boys 100 Champ - Darryl Haraway (MD) Freshmen Boys Mile Champ - Eric Coston (LA) Girls Shuttle Hurdles Champs - Western Branch (VA)
Boys Shuttle Hurdles Champs - Western Branch (VA) EE Girls 2 Mile Champ - Rachael Reddy (AL) EE Boys 2 Mile Champ - Jay Ort (CAN) Girls Pole Vault Champ - Desiree Freier (TX)
Girls Triple Jump Champ - Keturah Orji (NJ) Boys Shot Put Champ - Benjamin Bonhurst (NY) 3 Sub 9's Two Milers in One Race for Northport (NY) boys Boys 110 Hurdles Champ - Isaiah Moore (NC)
Girls 100 Hurdles Champ - Alexis Duncan (TX) Boys 2 Mile Runner-up - Andrew Hunter (VA) Girls 4x800 Champs - Western Branch (VA) Boys 4x800 Champs - St. Xavier (OH)
Boys Triple Jump Champ - John Warren (VA) Boys Javelin Champ - John Nizich (OR) Spikes and Flats: Inside NBON NBN Dance Contest
Girls 2 Mile Champ - Hannah Debalsi (CT) Boys Shot Put 3rd Place - Eric Favors (NY) Girls 4xMile Champs - Canton (NY) Boys 4xMile Champs - Northport (NY)
EE Boys DMR Champs - Shoreham (NY) Girls 800 SMR Champs - Nansemond River (VA) Boys 800 SMR Champs - Mount Vernon (NY) EE Girls 800 Champ - Rebeka Holt (MD)

Girls Highlights

Boys Highlights