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Foot Locker West Regional, CA

Morley was all smiles as she finished up her Foot Locker West championship run. 

Matthew Maton was the best of the west in the boys championship race.



  • Boys Championship - Matthew Maton (OR) was the boys champion with a time of 15:38.9.  John Dressel (WA) finished 2nd in 15:41.2 with Elijah Armstrong (ID) 3rd in 15:41.6.  Rounding out the top-10 qualifiers were Conner Mantz (UT), 4th in 15:42.6, Trevor Reinhart (CA), 5th in 15:44, Levi Thomet (AK), 6th in 15:44.1, Kramer Morton (UT), 7th in 15:44.8, Blair Hurlock (CA), 8th in 15:45.3, Garrett Corcoran (CA), 9th in 15:53.1, and Joe Hardy (WA), 10th in 15:53.3.  
  • Girls Championship - Makena Morley (MT) lived up to the billing and won the girls race with ease in a time of 18:05.7.  Sarah Feeny (UT) was 2nd in 18:25.5 and Lucy Biles (UT) was 3rd in 18:55.5.  Rounding out the top-10 qualifiers were Sam Ortega (CA), 4th in 19:02.4, Sara Tsai (OR), 5th in 19:06.9, Mikayla Malaspina (ID), 6th in 19:11.6, Anna Maxwell (CA), 7th in 19:13.2, Marlee Mitchell (UT), 8th in 19:13.3, Abby Hong (CA), 9th in 19:13.4, and Maddie Criscione (UT), 10th in 19:13.4.


Foot Locker Northeast Regional, NY

Tessa Barrett set a fast pace and stayed away in the end. (Photo by Phil Grove)

Mickey Burke took off in the hills to take the boys race. (Photo by Phil Grove)



  • Girls Championship - Tessa Barrett (PA) won the girls race with a quick 17:32 clocking.  Anoush Shehadeh (NY) finished 2nd in 17:37 and Hannah DeBalsi (CT) was 3rd in 17:39.  The rest of the qualifiers include Brianna Schwartz (PA) in 17:43, Briana Gess (NJ) in 17:43, Megan Reilly (NY) in 17:50, Jessica Lawson (NY) in 18:03, Regan Rome (PA) in 18:03, Katie Lembo (NY) in 18:04, and Kirsten Sandreuter (ME) in 18:06.  
  • Boys Championship - Mickey Burke (NY) won the boys race with a quick time of 15:19 but was followed closely across the line by Christian Alvarado (CT) in 2nd with a time of 15:21.  Alexander Ostberg (CT) was 3rd in 15:22.  The rest of the qualifiers include Liam Mullett (NJ) in 15:29, Josef Holt-Andrews (ME) in 15:37, Daniel Curts (ME) in 15:39, Scott Meehan (NJ) in 15:39, Tai Dinger (DC) in 15:40, Louis Corgliano (NJ) in 15:41, and Ross Wilson (PA) in 15:41.


Foot Locker South Regional, NC

Caroline Alcorta ripped the course for a 16:55 victory! (Photo by John Olson)

Aaron Templeton ripped the course for a 14:36 win! (Photo by John Olson)



  • Girls Championship - Caroline Alcorta (VA) won the girls championship in a big way with a time of 16:55.  Amelia Paladino (WV) finished 2nd in 17:04 and Natalie Rathjen (TX) rounded out the top-3 with a time of 17:06.  The remaining qualifiers were Gabriella Karas (KY) in 17:07, Hannah Christen (VA) in 17:15, Katie Kunc (VA) in 17:16, Devin Clark (TX) in 17:18, Kathryn Foreman (GA) in 17:19, Molly Breidenbaugh (VA) in 17:19, and Karen Xiang (FL) in 17:20.
  • Boys Championship - Aaron Templeton (TN) rolled at the end in this one to win in 14:36 over Ben Huffman (NC) in 14:44.  Ian Milder (NC) was third in 14:49.  Rounding out the qualifiers were Louis Colson (VA) in 14:50, Mackenzie Haight (VA) in 14:51, Ben Barrett (OK), in 14:51, Tyler Bennett (FL) in 14:52, Brent Demarest (SC) in 14:53, Frank Lara (TX) in 14:53, and Patrick Sheehan (NC) in 14:54.


Foot Locker Midwest Regional, WI

Kelcy Welch came up big for the win in the Midwest.

Grant Fisher won with a big finish in the boys race.



  • Girls Championship - Kelcy Welch (IN) got a big win in the girls race with a time of 17:34 over Stephanie Jenks (IA) in 17:39.  Rebekah Topham (IA) was 3rd in 17:45.  Rounding out the qualifiers were Taylor Werner (MO) in 17:46, Hannah Long (MO) in 17:46, Lauren Brasure (MI) in 17:47, Mailin Struck (IL) in 17:52, Kirsten Olling (MI) in 17:52, Rachel Nichwitz (IN) in 17:55, and Alex Buck (IN) in 18:04.
  • Boys Championship - Grant Fisher (MI) won the boys race in 15:02 with Addison DeHaven (SD) in 2nd at 15:09.  Jesse Reiser (IL) was 3rd in 15:11.  The remaining qualifiers were Toby Hardwick (OH) in 15:13, Jackson Bertoli (IN) in 15:14, Patrick Perrier (IL) in 15:15, Thomas Pollard (IA) in 15:17, Noah Kauppila (MO) in 15:20, David Dalton (IN) in 15:22, and Ryan Robinson (MI) in 15:22.