Boston Marathon: Reflecting on a tragedy that is beyond words

Editors Note: MileSplit sends our thoughts and prayers out to those suffering and affected by the tragic events that occurred today at the Boston Marathon.  The running community is 100% behind all of you.

BOSTON, MA- Inevitably I was pulled to comment on the tragic events of today. So many dreams and hopes are wrapped up in an event such as the Boston Marathon.  Training for an event like the Boston Marathon occurs in the wee hours of the morning or late at night.  It occurs at times when only the runner knows when they slack off or don't give their absolute all.  But the runner is not alone, family members and friends more often than not sacrifice in order to get the runner to the starting line, supporting them every step of the way.  Some of them cheer on the final strides of the race.

These were the folks that were on the finish line this afternoon, cheering on their family or friends long after the elite runners had secured their victories.  Many of these people were there for a pure love of running and for the absolute support of their loved ones.  There were dreams in the midst of being fulfilled, dreams belonging to the runners and those they honored by undertaking an immense achievement like the marathon.  These are the individuals we remember tonight, for their selfless support that tragically ended in unimaginable suffering.

The dreams of a marathon runner are of the runners themselves, their family and friends, and those afflicted with such adversity that they cannot run, such that others run in their honor. Marathons are a celebration of human achievement, an every-mans event that says more about human spirit and resiliency than any major sporting event on the planet. That spirit, that honor, was not robbed today, it was emboldened.  I am weeping and praying for those lost and those suffering today.  


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Kara Goucher reflects on the tragedy today in Boston.



Warning, the video below may be disturbing, but is the reality of what happened today in Boston.  

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