Duane Solomon On Running A Time Trial Before A Big Meet

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Duane Solomon is a middle distance athlete who ran in the 2012 Olympics as well as several IAAF world championships. He went to college at the University of Southern California (USC). He holds PRs of 45.98 for 400m, 1:42.82 for 800m, and 2:17.84 for 1000m. This text was transcribed from FloTrack's 2013 interview with Solomon.


So the subject is your favorite workout. What's your favorite workout? 

"Maybe like a 600 or a 700 (time trial) I'd say. If I had to choose one maybe the 600, because it really gauges where I'm at. I like to know, especially before a race, where I'm at. That really brings me the confidence to know that if I can come through at a really decent time in a time trial when I'm all alone then when I get in a race I know that I'm ready. So that's probably one of my favorite workouts the time trails."

How many days out from a big race do you like to do a time trial? 

"I'd say if the race was gonna be on a Saturday, I'm doing that time trail maybe that Monday or Tuesday. they're pretty close but Johnny knows what he's doing. We're pretty recovered, because the next few days after are pretty easy and we can recover from those days."

So two kind of all-out efforts in the span of five or six days? 

"Yeah, we did that a lot last year. We did hard workouts before many of the races, you know pretty close to them, and I still ran pretty well so you know, you just can't think about it too much. If you doubt yourself thinking that you did a workout that was to close to the race and you let that get in your mind then you're going to race bad. I always think of it as a good thing and I really don't let it bother me in my race at all."

Did you do your time trial before the Olympics?

"I did. I actually did a time trial out there in London and it was a 600 time trial so that was good for me. I also did one before Monaco when I PR'd I think maybe it was a 700-time trial. I ran very well here so it really gave me the confidence when I went out there."

You remember the splits on that 600 before the Olympics? 

"I think I came through in a 48 . . . at the quarter and I finished like 1:16, something like that. I was just a very controlled. I think he wanted me to hit something like a certain time on that. Sometimes when we do time trials it will be an all-out effort and sometimes he wants you to run a certain time. On some days he will say, 'Come through in 49 and finish in 1:18-1:17.' He always has a plan."