Top 50 College Programs With The Most Commitments Thus Far

With the National Letter of Intent period fast approaching, athletes from the Class of 2019 are committing to college programs left and right. 

Throughout this process, MileSplit has updated our database to reflect those athletes and the schools in which they've pledged to for the upcoming 2020 school year. 

We decided to take a look at which programs have the most commitments so far. Note: This list does not reflect the level of recruit each college is getting, but rather the volume of athletes each program has claimed so far. MileSplit will post our top 50 recruits in the Class of 2019 on Wednesday. 

If you'd like to let us know of your commitment, send an email to You can also view our commitment and signings page here

Check it out. 

1Duke University1257
2University of Tennessee1055
3University of Georgia853
3University of Texas835
3Stanford University844
6University of Missouri651
6Villanova University642
6Indiana University642
6University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill65
10Furman University532
10University of Michigan523
10University of South Dakota532
10Xavier University514
10UNC Charlotte523
10University of South Carolina532
16Illinois State University431
16Northern Arizona University422
16Butler University422
16Harvard University413
16University of Sioux Falls44
16Wake Forest University44
16University of Kentucky422
16University of Wisconsin44
16United States Military Academy413
16University of Cincinnati422
16University of Colorado44
16University of Iowa422
28University of Dayton312
28East Carolina University321
28University of Colorado Colorado Springs321
28Iowa State University312
28Dartmouth College321
28Bucknell University321
28Purdue University321
28Colorado State University33
28University of Washington312
28Auburn University312
28Samford University33
28Kansas State University33
28Maryville University321
28DePaul University321
28Brescia University321
28University of Nebraska33
28University of South Alabama312
28Brigham Young University33
28Georgetown University312
28Ohio State University321
28Penn State University312
28University of Arkansas312
28Lehigh University312

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