Western Branch Girls in Familiar Territory with National Shuttle Record

Interview with the champs conducted by Nolan Jez

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The Western Branch girls lowered their school's own national record in the shuttle hurdle relay on Saturday. A squad made up of Jada Terrell, Shadajah Ballard, Jashella Jenkins, and Adriana Shockley recorded a 30.63. While they lose Terrell and Jenkins next year, sophomores Ballard and Shockley will return. 

They are the first ever to break 31 seconds in the event, and are the only ones to do so. Their previous national record was set in 2015 when they won the national title running 31.22. 

If that wasn't impressive enough then take a look at the top six finishers. Western Branch's 'B' and 'C' team finished fourth and sixth running 32.54 and 33.66.