Best Indoor Track Squads By Event

Easy to see why the Bullis School (MD) boys and girls have some of the fastest sprint relays in the nation for the 4x200 and 4x400 when taking a look at the individual times posted among their top 4 or 5 sprinters in the 55, 200, and 300.

Best squads in the country for every track event indoors taking the top 4 performers in each event per team and ranking by the best average.

Boys rankingsEventGirls rankings

Boys 55m Dash Squads

55m Dash

Girls 55m Dash Squads

Boys 60m Dash Squads

60m Dash

Girls 60m Dash Squads

Boys 200m Dash Squads

200m Dash

Girls 200m Dash Squads

Boys 300m Dash Squads

300m Dash

Girls 300m Dash Squads

Boys 400m Dash Squads

400m Dash

Girls 400m Dash Squads

Boys 500m Dash Squads

500m Dash

Girls 500m Dash Squads

Boys 600m Run Squads

600m Run

Girls 600m Dash Squads

Boys 800m Run Squads

800m Run

Girls 800m Run Squads

Boys 1000m Run Squads

1000m Run

Girls 1000m Run Squads

Boys 1500m Run Squads

1500m Run

Girls 1500m Run Squads

Boys 1600m Run Squads

1600m Run

Girls 1600m Run Squads

Boys Mile Run Squads

Mile Run

Girls Mile Run Squads

Boys 3000m Run Squads

3000m Run

Girls 3000m Run Squads

Boys 3200m Run Squads

3200m Run

Girls 3200m Run Squads

Boys 2 Mile Run Squads

2 Mile Run

Girls 2 Mile Run Squads

Boys 55m Hurdles Squads

55m Hurdles

Girls 55m Hurdles Squads

Boys 60m Hurdles Squads

60m Hurdles

Girls 60m Hurdles Squads