Brandon McGorty US #2 1:04.33 500 Racing Unattached At GMU!

After having two of his high school team's meets scheduled for this weekend cancelled with the first meet in the Bulldog Invitational canned due to the Liberty University's new facility not being ready then his Chantilly squad's back up meet in the Southern Maryland Classic postponed due to winter weather, Brandon McGorty did not travel far to find a place to race a 500 this weekend.

 Scullion's Timing - Contractor License                    1/7/2017 - 3:52 PM
                          Father Diamond - 1/7/2017                          
                           George Mason University                           
Event 12  Men 500 Meter Dash
    Facility: F 1:01.19  1987        Ian Morris, Trinidan and Tobago         
        IC4A: I 1:05.20                                                      
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H# Points   
  1       Gomez, Rico         SO George Mason           1:03.82I  2  10      
  2     8 xLawrence, Rayon       Chase Athletics       X1:04.28I  1          
  3    25 xMcGorty, Brandon      Unattached            X1:04.33I  2          
  4       Roberson, Joel      SR Morgan State           1:04.44I  2   8      
  5       Benson, Tyler       FR George Mason           1:04.86I  2   6      
  6    11 xClarke, Andre         Chase Athletics       X1:04.93I  1          
  7     9 xLewis, Romel          Chase Athletics       X1:05.06I  1          
  8    10 xMcDonald, Jonia       Chase Athletics       X1:05.65   1          
  9    26 xKindel, Zack          Unattached            X1:06.19   3          
 10       Henry, Shindell     JR Morgan State           1:08.91   3   5      
 11       Kisi, Mikyas        FR McDaniel               1:10.15   3   4 

McGorty ventured over to George Mason University for their Father Diamond Invitational college meet and competed unattached in the 500 to run a US #2 and personal best time of 1:04.33 in the event. His older brothers Sean McGorty (Stanford University) and Ryan McGorty (College of William & Mary), both home on winter break from college, helped record their youngest brother's race for Their dad Kevin McGorty also happens to be a pole vault and multi-events coach at George Mason University.