November 19, 2011 @ Silver Comet Trail in Dallas, GA

Hosted by Chattahoochee Technical College     Timing/Results: The Perfect Timing Group     Official Meet Web Site

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2011 NJCAA Men's And Women's Half Marathon National Championships

Hosted by Chattahoochee Technical College
Silver Comet Trail; Dallas, GA

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chattahoochee Technical College, The Paulding County Chamber of Commerce, and the NJCAA invite you to join us for the 2011 Men's and Women's National ½ Marathon in Dallas, GA. This year's event will be held on the Silver Comet Trail which covers over 95 miles in Northwest Georgia.

We strongly recommend the following:
1. Read ALL of the information included in this packet.
2. Register as early as possible.
3. Meet all deadlines regarding rosters and ads.
4. Make hotel, plane, and rental car reservations as early as possible to get the best rates.

Visit: www.atlanta-airport.com or your favorite airline web site for flight information. Most major carriers, including Southwest Airlines have multiple dally flights into the busiest airport in the U. S.

5. T-Shirt and Banquet pre-order information will be posted on the meet web site (www.ctcsports.org). Please make sure that you meet the deadlines for each. The banquet will be limited to 200 due to the size of the room available at the Paulding County Airport. Reservations will be cut off when that number has been reached.

It is imperative that all deadlines are met. Your attention to these items is greatly appreciated.

Entry Deadlines:
Tuesday November 15th, 2011 Midnight - All Entries Due and scoring/non-scoring runners declared. You can make adjustments to scoring/non-scoring runners at packet pickup.
Friday November 18th - All Changes and Final Declarations will be made at Packet Pick Up from 1pm to 5pm - Chattahoochee Technical College - Paulding Campus.
Friday November 18th - Coaches Meeting/Pre-Meet Banquet will be held at 6:30 at The Paulding County Airport, 2nd Floor Banquet Room.

Site: Silver Comet Trail, Dallas, GA

Schedule of Events:

Friday - November 18th, 2011

Host Hotel: See web site (www.ctcsports.org/hm)

Packet Pickup:
1-5pm @Chattahoochee Technical College - Paulding Campus
6:30pm @Paulding County Airport - Coaches Meeting

Course Inspection/Practice:
The Silver Comet Trail portion of the race is open during daylight hours 7 days a week for runners, walkers, and bicycles.
The start and finish area, located on local roads, will not be closed to traffic until the morning of the race. However, you can walk or run on the side of the roads with caution.

Course Maps will be available at: www.ctcsports.org/hm

6:30pm - Pre-Race Pasta Banquet - Paulding County Airport - 2nd Floor, Banquet Room. Limited to 200 athletes and Coaches. Visit www.ctcsports.org/hm to make reservations.

6:30pm - Coaches Meeting - Paulding County Airport

Saturday - November 19th, 2011

Packet Pickup:
6:30-7:15 @Official's Tent at Race Start/Finish Location
7:15am - First Call for Women's Race
7:25am - First Call for Men's Race
7:30am - Women's Race ***
7:40am - Men's Race ***
10:30am - Awards Presented at Finish Location

*** The Silver Comet Trail will not be closed during the race. Be aware that there might be bicycles, walkers, or joggers on the trail. We don't expect many will be out on the trail at 7:30am, but there might be a few.

Race Information:

Teams must report to their assigned starting line and check in with clerk 15 Minutes prior to each race.

Race Course/Description: The first portion of the race will be run on neighborhood streets leading from the starting location to the Silver Comet Trail. Runners will run apx. 10 miles (out and back) on the SCT. The finish line will be within walking distance of the starting line. The SCT has no major hills, with a maximum upgrade of 6%. The surface of the SCT is smooth cement (similar feel to asphalt).

Course Markings: A lead vehicle will guide the runners over the course. Course maps will be provided in your meet packet and are available on-line at www.go-thunderbirds.com/XC

Start: Women will begin at 7:30am with the Men beginning at 7:40am.

Entries/Entry Fee:
1. Entries will be done online at www.ctcsports.org/hm Up to Wednesday November 16th at Midnight
2. Entry Fees: $20 per individual runner
a. Each college shall pay its own team expenses
c. Entry fees must be paid at registration. Athletes/Schools will not be allowed to participate until entry fees are paid. Checks or Cash ONLY
d. Checks Payable to: Chattahoochee Technical College
e. Declarations of scoring and non-scoring runners must be completed by Wednesday, November 16th at Midnight, on-line at www.ctcsports.org/hm
Changes can be made to scoring/non-scoring runners at Friday Packet Pickup. Changes can NOT be made (except scratches) at Saturday Morning Packet Pickup.

Scratches made after Wednesday November 16th, will NOT reduce your entry fee. Be prepared to pay for all runners you declared by Wednesday November 16th. The budget for this event is based on your estimated entries.

Entries, Scoring, and Deadline:
Wednesday November 16th @ Midnight - All Entries, unlimited entries. However, you must declare up to five scoring members. All other runners will be non-scoring. Scoring is calculated using the top three runners who were declared as scoring before the race began. The fourth and fifth declared scoring runners will displace other teams. Runners declared as non-scoring will not be counted in the team score, and cannot displace runners from other teams.

Team and Warm-Up Area:
The team and Warm-up area will be located in the parking area near the start of the course. Team tents can be set up in the grass areas located near the parking lot. See map at www.ctcsports.org/hm for details,

Packet Pick-Up:

Packets may be picked up Friday 11/19/11 between 1pm & 5pm at the Chattahoochee Technical College = Paulding Campus.

Spectator parking is located in the same parking lot as team parking.

Course Viewing: There are several different locations easily accessible via car to watch the runners during the race. A map of viewing locations will be available in the race packet and on the race web site (www.ctcsports.org/hm).

Coaches are welcome to bring their bicycles to travel along the course to view the race. However, no pacing of runners is allowed.

Dressing/Shower: No dressing or showers will be available. Porta potties will be available at the start finish of the race.

Coaches Meeting:

This is mandatory for all coaches. Meal will be provided. Any last minute course changes will be discussed during the meeting.

NJCAA Half Marathon Rules shall be followed with whatever changes or modifications deemed necessary by the NJCAA Committee on Half Marathon.
Jury of Appeals
Members are the NJCAA Representative/designee, meet director, and a person appointed by the other two members, not to be a coach of the meet.

Squad Size:
Participating team's size is unlimited with a minimum of three to five scoring declared runners in uniform. There should be no delay of a contest to allow a competing institution to conform to this policy. Any violations shall automatically result in the disqualification of the institution in violation.

Code of Conduct:
All coaches, athletes, and support personnel are expected to be familiar with and follow the NJCAA Code of Conduct. This Code is listed under Article XX of the NJCAA bylaws.

Open Wound Policy:
Under circumstances when constant or profuse bleeding occurs, the participant shall be immediately removed from that contest by the official and cannot return until the bleeding has been stopped.

Substance Abuse:
The use of all tobacco products by any coach, player, official or other individual involved in the conducting of any NJCAA sponsored postseason play is prohibited within the confines of the playing area. Any individual not in compliance shall be disqualified from further participation in that contest.

Only the official tournament vendors will be allowed to sell merchandise or services. No other group or product may be promoted.

Each school is responsible for their transportation and costs while attending the Championship. The local airport is the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (www.atlanta-airport.com). The airport is about 40 miles from Paulding County, GA.
Championship Apparel
Championship apparel will be made available by pre-ordering online and a limited supply will be sold race day.

Merchandise order form is available at:
www.ctcsports.org/hm please be aware of pre-order deadline.

Results and Official Stats:
Results will be available for inspection at the awards ceremony held at Finish location following the half marathon and will also be available online at:
www.ctcsports.org/hm or www.ptgrouponline.com

Timing is provided by: The Perfect Timing Group

Athletic Trainer:
Certified Athletic Trainers will be available on prior to the start of the first race.

Awards Ceremony:
The Awards ceremonies will take place at 10:30 a.m. at the finish location. Awards will be given as per NJCAA guidelines.


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