New Balance Nationals Outdoor 2017

  • Mike Demarest
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    For relays that the athletes have never run - upon registration, the coach adds comments. Since the Swedish Medley is 100, 200, 300, 400, include your athletes' PRs for each of those events (or perhaps the 200/400 PRs for your 300m leg if he/she hasn't ever run an open 300m). I think including other relay times like the 4x200m or SMR that those athletes have run would help too as the volumes are similar in those relays.
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    jlanza Edited
    @ParkviewCoachDXC Yes, composite relay entry is the way to go with a relay you haven't run in the current season (or indoors but it must be the same four kids). One amendment to Coach's comments: it is current season bests only for composites, not PRs.

    For the steeplechase you MUST have a qualifying 2000 or 3000 meter steeple time from the current season.

    Coach, thanks again for coming to NBNO. Your kids are terrific!