The Fit Runner - Episode 1: Core Training



We are proud to introduce you to the "The Fit Runner," a new series from MileSplit. We hope you enjoy the first episode, which covers core training. These workouts will apply to you whether you are already on an elite level or just beginning. For beginners they may serve as an intense workout to build your core muscles. If you're already in shape they are crucial for you to maintain and sharpen that core strength, maximize performance, and to prevent injury by helping you stabilize your movement.

Each month we will publish a new fitness or wellness related topic geared towards the runner. The show will be presented by an expert in the field in focus for that month, with special guests that you may be familiar with including athletes, celebrities, and just generally engaging people! The goal of each presentation will be to address fitness and wellness issues pertaining to YOU the active runner--topics will include a variety of wellness disciplines from health, nutrition, psychology, injury prevention, recovery, and training.

Our newly formed MileSplit Medical Advisory Board consists of four medical professionals (Dr. Gideon J. Lewis, Dr. Bryan Reuss, Dr. Lisa Barkley, and Dr. Laura Podschun) with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience treating and working with high school athletes. We will strive to provide you with educational as well as entertaining segments. We encourage any feedback as we continue to improve this new facet of MileSplit. We hope you enjoy!

Series Introduction and Meet the Advisory Board...

Behind the Scenes Photo Album - On location at Bryan Meyer Training in Altamonte Springs, FL

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