Abbey Santoro Summer Training Blog: Week 4 Beach Vacation

Monday 7/31/17:

Today I had a 4-mile tempo, a mile warm up, and a mile cool down. I decided to run on the beach again but probably should have run on the treadmill because the wind was crazy. The first three miles felt awesome (because the wind was at my back) and as soon as I turned around at the half way mark I instantly hit a wall of wind. It was easily the most painful last 2 miles of a tempo I've ever run.

Total miles: 6

Tuesday 8/1/17:

I decided to run on the treadmill again today for my 7-mile long run. It wasn't too bad except for the fact that there is no AC in the workout room so that was a little disgusting after a while but other than that it was fine. Highly recommend watching Netflix while you run on the treadmill, it makes the time go by faster. Lately I've been rewatching Stranger Things. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.

Total miles: 7

Wednesday 8/2/17:

Today was mile repeat day so I actually wanted to run on the treadmill because of all the wind at the beach. I warmed up for a mile and then did the 3-mile repeats with rest in between each one. After I finished I cooled down for a mile and then put one of the hotels' chilled, peppermint-scented towels on my face. We are leaving today which is sad, but I'm ready to be home for a while again.

Total miles: 5

Thursday 8/3/17:

Finally back in Keller! Official practices started on the first, but since I've been gone this was my first official practice of the season! Today we had a 7-mile long run which was fun because I hadn't seen my teammates in a while. Once we finished we did some strides, stretched, and finished off with some core.

Total miles: 7

Friday 8/4/17:

Today we did four speedy 200's and an 800 warm up before our 6-mile run, half of which was at epr. It felt especially hot today which was not too fun, but overall it was a good run! Once we got back we chugged water forever and the played kickball for team building!

Total miles: 7

Saturday 8/5/17:

This morning for our long run some of us met up at Bear Creek to get in our 8 miles. We graced everyone's ears with our singing of happy birthday to Cambria, who shortly after tried to pet a goose, but ended up running away screaming.

Total miles: 8

Sunday 8/6/17:

Rest day! Went to work for five hours and then came home and packed for my trip to Utah tomorrow.

Total miles: 0