MileSplit Online Registration is FREE!

Attention to all meet directors and timers of cross country meets, the MileSplit online registration is now FREE for all to use after we created our automated wizard for coaches and meet directors this past spring to set up their own hosted meets online for entries. Take advantage of this opportunity to have your meet prominently featured for prospective teams and for coaches to enter your event on the go-to website for coverage of the sport!

FREE: Setup Meet For MileSplit Online Registration!

Just some of the features can find within MileSplit's online registration system:

Basic Capabilities:

  • Easy to use interface that is self-explanatory
  • Integrate with MileSplit meets, teams, athlete, and performance database
  • Add custom questions to your meet entry form
  • Download entries, contact, and payment info to Excel/CSV
  • Send mass email to everyone signed up for your meet or targeted to specific people (those who still owe money for example)
  • Leave the meet open for all, or set a password so that only invited athletes/teams (who you share the password with) can enter
  • Meet director, an appointed team administrator, or timing company can update the meet information and download the entries
  • Set max number of entries per team in a given event or overall
  • Generate stats and reports about entered teams and individuals

Meet Entry Fee and Payment Options:

  • Accept direct payment using your preferred method, but use our system to keep track of who has paid and who hasn't
  • Integrate with a PayPal account for payments and/or track mailed in entry checks
  • Use flexible settings for how to calculate entry fee to fit your meet's unique needs
  • Calculate and display to coach/athlete how much they owe and how they can pay


  • Choose from various options for seeding based on your preferences
  • If you choose, use the MileSplit database to automatically populate the seed time. You can allow coaches to override this seed time or lock them in to ensure accuracy of seeds.
  • Add in minimum standards for entry

Download to:

  • Hytek Meet Manager
  • MileSplit's RaceTab
  • Raceberry Jam
  • LynxPad
  • Excel/CSV

Whether setting up for your weekend invitational with dozens of schools and thousands of runners or your weekday dual meet, the MileSplit online registration is the ideal registration system to use with many features and customizations to meet your event needs.

We want as much meet information posted on the meet pages as well. Course maps, time schedules, entry limits/deadlines, etc can be posted via the meet manager section of the meet pages or can be emailed to us directly to post.