Time to Deliver At BYU

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There's no question the Brigham Young University men's cross country program is supremely talented. It may be the best NCAA team in the country. 

That's reflected in the team's No. 2 ranking nationally by FloTrack. 

But the Cougars aren't getting ahead of themselves just yet. 

Watch: Time To Deliver At BYU  

"The good thing about this team is I think they can check their egos at the door," said BYU coach Ed Eyestone, who led the program to two fourth-place finishes at the NCAA Championships in 2011 and 2013. "They will be encouraging their teammates to do the very best they can. So as a team, I think we can step up and deliver." 

Welcoming arguably the top recruit in the country -- two-time NXN winner Casey Clinger -- along with his American Fork (UT) teammates Patrick Parker and McKay Johns certain helps. 

"I definitely see some of the same potential," Eyestone said. "I have at least seven guys who believe they are All-American ability. So that's great." 

But it's only going to be a glimpse of the future. Clinger is running this fall before taking a mission for his church. 

"I've always known I'm going to serve a mission," Clinger said. "That's always been one of my desires. The team is looking so great. I wanted to get a little bit of the college experience before I headed out. I thought this was the perfect time to come and be a part of this team, enjoy the season and then go out on my mission." 

The women's program is just as good, too. 

Cougars coach Diljeet Taylor is leading the No. 9 team in the country. 

"Immediately upon coming in the first year, we kind of set up a formula for success," she said. "And now, it makes it pretty easy to build off of that."

Eyestone believes Taylors is one of the best in the country, too. 

"She's not only I would say the best women's coach in NCAA Division I,"he said. "I would say she's one of the best coaches, period."