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16 days ago Importing Cross Country Entries
@bhardy13 your meet director will need to add you as the meet timer. Then you can download it in...
2 months ago Merge Athlete Profile
@IsenhourCS no problem. Found a few various club accounts I merged into the Northwood one Jason
2 months ago 15-16 boys 1500 results
@pr.dom they show now. It might have just taken a minute for 3000+ performances to populate after...
2 months ago North Carolina Coaching Openings
Head Boys Track Coach vacancy: Rocky River Ravens are looking for experienced track coach to fill...
2 months ago Entires for New Balance
@jsanmiguel they'll be on our homepage and pushed out on social channels as soon as they're sent ...
3 months ago Powerade state games
@pr.dom Reached out for results recently and will post as soon as I get them. Jason
3 months ago Final Team Standings
@sd84 Thanks for pointing that out, pasted wrong thing. It's corrected now Jason
4 months ago 3A Regionals
@lonnie The NCHSAA said they'll address this tomorrow at the board meeting. We'll post an update...
4 months ago Invitational
@1521677786 I believe there are two separate meet pages. NCRunners Elite Invitational is Junior/...
4 months ago Heat Sheets
@lifeguard21 you are correct
5 months ago Butler Home Meet #2
5 months ago Butler Home Meet #2
@trackmommango Butler has their own FAT system
5 months ago Regional Host sites
I have updated regional meet pages for all the NCHSAA has finalized. Jason
1 year ago adidas XC Challenge 2018 Entries
@giorea fixed. Was set at max 10 athletes per race instead of per team
1 year ago 17-18 NC JO Steeplechase Results -No results
They're now up, not sure why weren't showing before
1 year ago Formatted results
@fredtfoard which two races
1 year ago NCRunners Middle School Elite Invitational 2018
Yes, the goal is to help and grow the sport at the middle school level, and give middle school pr...
1 year ago Bojangles Track & Field Classic 2018
@ksmrunbike https://sites.google.com/site/bojanglestrack/home/online-entry
1 year ago Western Carolina University High School / Middle School Track & 2018
@rrtiming if you want to send heat sheets to me I'll be happy to post on meet page
1 year ago NCHSAA 4A West Regional 2018
@kvsmith95 from the list the NCHSAA has sent me both 3A West and 4A West are TBD for sites and me...
1 year ago PAC #3 (REID ROSS) 2018
whoever hosted the meet
1 year ago Owen High Home Meet #1 2018
haven't been sent them yet. If you have them email them to me at jason.creasy11@gmail.com
1 year ago PAC #3 (REID ROSS) 2018
haven't been sent them yet. If you have them email them to me at jason.creasy11@gmail.com
1 year ago Schedule
Send me your league meet schedule and I can add them to the Calendar, need meet name, location, d...
1 year ago Track schedule
@craigdan61 On your team page you'll click edit team, then click the schedule tab, then add me...
1 year ago 3A West/Midwest regionals
Looking through the track region assignments the only similar case I noticed (likely missing anot...
1 year ago NCRunners Eastern Tour #1 2018
Yes, I went in and fixed it. Should show update on the teams list soon.
1 year ago 3A West/Midwest regionals
As far as I can tell, the regions for track and XC are exactly the same
1 year ago Order of Events/Event List
4x800m Relay 110/100m Hurdles 100m Dash 4x200m Relay 1600m 4x100m Relay 400m Dash 300m Hur...
1 year ago 4A West Regionals
The NCHSAA has not posted all regional assignments yet. What you've been told by your coaches is...
2 years ago Boys All-Time State Meet performances
@polkcounty yes, that's the issue. I've worked through a lot of XC state meet results. Just hav...
2 years ago Boys All-Time State Meet performances
Sorry should have made it clear, that it was just from performances in our database, which goes b...
2 years ago NCHSAA 1A/2A Indoor State Championship Meet 2018
2 years ago NCHSAA 3A Indoor State Championship Meet 2018
@curtdowdy54 email me, jason.creasy11@gmail.com. Need your team name and i can look into it.
2 years ago Charlotte City Championships 2018
I'd imagine they'll email out entries once released. But I've also asked to send to me and will b...
2 years ago North Brunswick Polar Bear Meet #2 2018 results
@omegaafterdark those are in the Indoor + Polar Bear Rankings
2 years ago Results Missing from Rankings (12/14/2017 JH Rose Polar Bear ECC)
I've emailed the meet director listed about it. I need the results as what is posted is not in f...
2 years ago Red Ram Polar Bear #2 2018
@rundancesing.flosports send me an email (jason.creasy11@gmail.com) and I'll help you with it. L...
2 years ago Middle School Athletes in High School Meets
Yes, Unattached AAU is just the MileSplit designation, titled that for summer track purposes. As...
2 years ago RHFit Pro HS Elite Invitational 2018
JDL site is official. I'll update what we have listed. Likely is still last years info when we ...
2 years ago CANCELLED - Eastern High School Challenge 2018
2 years ago CANCELLED - Eastern High School Challenge 2018
2 years ago JDL College Kick-off Classic Dec 2,2017
Didn't realize there was HS athletes competing there. Went through and added the unattached HSer...
2 years ago Indoor rankings
The update within 30 minutes of me adding the results normally. Trask Polar beat was listed inco...
2 years ago I have two profiles that need merging.
@criticaltiger merged them for you
2 years ago Pam Pack Invitational 2017
added now. I didn't see that they recovered the boys results.
2 years ago Pam Pack Invitational 2017
As soon as they're sent to me or posted by meet director/timer.
2 years ago adidas XC Challenge 2017
@eddytherunner Phone: 919.515.1113 Email: thexcchallenge@gmail.com
2 years ago Should NCHSAA add the Race Walk event to NC HS program?
@mjroth that's great! I know VA Showcase will contest the Mile Racewalk Indoors as well. Reached...
2 years ago SPCA 1A Pre-Conference Meet 2016
If results were sent to me they'd be posted. Can email them to be at jcreasy@MileSplit.com and I...