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2 years ago North Carolina Coaching Openings
Posted on a previous thread Reagan HS currently has a full time distance assistant coach posit...
2 years ago North Carolina Coaching Openings
Posted on an earlier thread. A position for Head Track and Field Coach is open for Indoor and ...
2 years ago North Carolina Coaching Openings
Hey Everyone, If you are looking to fill coaching positions this board is a good place to do i...
2 years ago Substitution?
@northwake it is. I believe you'll just update your relay card as you check in for the relays. ...
2 years ago 2A / 3A Heats sheets?????
@tonydawg9 Changed the article on the homepage to reflect heat sheets instead of performance list...
2 years ago Coach info
@atopoly thanks for letting me know. Will hold off before sending qualifiers off to the NCHSAA. ...
2 years ago Coach info
I sent an email this morning. Was told they would be up later today after they went through the r...
2 years ago Weather Contingency for Regionals
The 1A West Regional has moved to Monday. We'll update as we hear on these. I'm not sure what t...
2 years ago Unattached
@gmr2633 would know more. I'm just going off previous years and what I remember
2 years ago Unattached
@kimhanson this meet is the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools county championships so it's only open ...
2 years ago Missing 4x200 event entries
@CoachMilligan added these for you Jason
2 years ago Invitational
2 years ago Bojangles live feed
@sd84 Thanks, we're troubleshooting this issue and will get it fixed for Day 2. Jason
2 years ago Heat Sheets
@Alecbarden4 they'll be released later today. Jason
2 years ago late registrations
@moore_moves The meet director would have to enter you late. I can do it for you through MileSpl...
2 years ago update of PR's
@craigdan61 I updated the results from your meet earlier today. Should show soon. Jason
2 years ago 4-14-2019 Registration
@MCRCTrack which meet is this for
2 years ago Meet results
@NC_Flight_Club_ we were told they'd be sent to us today. We haven't received them yet Jason
2 years ago Entry Fee
@Penny31 8 hurdles, same as high school does. Jason
2 years ago Results
Meet host said he'll get them up once their AD sends them
2 years ago 4x200 meter relay
@Coach_McFatten @CoachBhurst I added it for you. Yes, as Coach Knox stated it isn't in our tem...
2 years ago Individual
2 years ago How to add a venue?
@Hollowayb send me an email with the venue information. jason.creasy11@gmail.com
2 years ago Regional Host sites
I reached out to Chiquana the other day to get updated Regional sites. The NCHSAA website's link...
2 years ago Entry Fee
@deiselio there is no entry fee. We do charge $5 admission for spectators, but it is free for sc...
2 years ago Boys 3-A 300 meter qualifying standards
@macktrack42 Thanks, broke at the wrong spot
2 years ago NCRunners Looking For Athletes To Feature
We're on the hunt for feature stories to run on athletes through the end of the outdoor track sea...
2 years ago NC 1A/2A Indoor Track Qualify Standards for state meet 2019
@ninjazx6r1 in the database there is 9 who are at or under 6.64 this season for 1A/2A. Only one ...
2 years ago NC 1A/2A Indoor Track Qualify Standards for state meet 2019
@jds0130 the NCAA rule does sound like the right idea. But there is no way it would work current...
2 years ago 1A/2A NCHSAA indoor Championship
@FredTFoard sorry about that, you're good to go now.
2 years ago Reese Hoffa Giving Instruction At Metrolina Christian Jan 19th
Track & Field Coaches, For any throwers (shot put or discus), Olympian and World Champion s...
2 years ago Results errors?
@Schoellner shoot me an email with updates results. jason.creasy11@gmail.com
2 years ago sophomore boys race vid
@Jjchristy@bellsouth.net it is posted now. We had the video labelled incorrectly. Jason
2 years ago Entry Status
@jamfsu From what I checked the link on the meet page worked. [url=http://www.footlockercc.com...
2 years ago Allowing Apex individuals to score as a team
[url=http://nc.milesplit.com/videos/311152]http://nc.milesplit.com/videos/311152[/url] Unofficia...
2 years ago Girls times not listed
I've emailed the timer who posted these results and will update them when he sends the correct file.
2 years ago Team scores at NC Elite
@gatorhill45 The show now on the formatted results. Jason
2 years ago Individual runner
@Austere579 it doesn't matter who signs him up as an unattached athlete so whatever is easiest fo...
2 years ago Registration
@1535559104 Wendy's meet director sends out spreadsheets to coaches. I believe those were alread...
2 years ago Merging Profiles
@coach_eazy [url=http://nc.milesplit.com/athletes/7783374#.W6vLwBNKj-Y]http://nc.milesplit.com/at...
2 years ago Merging Profiles
@coach_eazy what is his name and two schools?
2 years ago Registration
@Dontonio you can reach out to him at l_mcafee_2000@yahoo.com
3 years ago Top 25 XC Countdown
Sorry for the delay of Top 25 XC Countdown last few days. Have been moving the last few days and...
3 years ago USATF JO nationals
@elgin top 5 advances. Advancers are below http://nc.milesplit.com/meets/316613/results/59815...
3 years ago Results
@carterf07 Not sure what meet you are referring to, but our results can be found here. http://nc....
3 years ago Automatic Timing for practice
I know there is an app for smartphones that's pretty accurate.. isn't FAT but the finish is prett...
3 years ago Saturday 4A/2A
The 2A/4A State Championship is still scheduled for Saturday. The NCHSAA told coaches and ADs th...
3 years ago NCHSAA 1A State Championship 2018
@garryb isn't there an issue with NCHSAA schools not being allowed to compete on Sundays?
3 years ago NCHSAA 1A State Championship 2018
I reach out to the NCHSAA to ask what the protocol would be and did not hear back. Jason
3 years ago Performance list
Yes, would imagine that isn't the issue in the delay. 1A & 3A were finished yesterday. With 2A ...