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Baton Rouge, LA

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cross,soccer,track basically what I do

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14 years ago 1 picture is worth 1000 words haha
14 years ago 2A Boys
alright, well I\'m not sure if I should say anything because it seems like the situation has been...
14 years ago footlocker...
Yea Ill see you there Richard, and I bet there will be some good races this year, should be fun.
14 years ago State XC Boys and Girls Predictions
umm guessin that was guys
14 years ago All-State requirements for cross country
all state is top 10 at state meet
14 years ago Kasey Baker Gets Robbed Because of Poor Meet Officials
actually there was a white line on the course, all you had to do was follow that thing, and the t...
14 years ago Boys all-classes pre-season rankings
well i can only think of one guy episcopal has thats returning from their top 5 and thats Nick Br...
yea louisiana has the national record holders in most of the jumps and sprints every year
14 years ago Goals for next year
14 years ago Floyd Landis
yea i deffinitely think he can do it, he beat Oscar Pereiro & Carlos Sastre both by over a minute...
14 years ago How Many?
i sent mine in like 3 weeks ago, am i suppposed to get some sort of confirmation? cause as of now...
14 years ago triathlons?
if your doing you been training for it? I\'ve just kept up my running schedule a...
14 years ago triathlons?
yea, rivercities is my favorite too, best one in LA over the summer by far, maybe ill see you there
14 years ago summer
well i think i was gonna go to 3rd week brevard cuz it was the only week i could go, but i couldn...
14 years ago Which team will win the state cross country meet next year?
actually theres been a few teams to go to state and make a perfect score...episcopal and even uhi...
15 years ago Why!?!
this guy put it in context very well why run?/why exactly do i like running? i was thinking...
15 years ago this or that
pine cone Halo 2 multiplayer with friends, or xbox live
15 years ago Do you believe
hey man, people can express themselves about that anywhere i sure do believe
15 years ago TEXAS VS USC
idk bout yall but vince won me 150$ so i think id choose him over reggie, not only for the money ...
15 years ago Step It Up Awrds
david kilpatrick of University High also ran a pr at state, he broke 16 for the first time to get...
15 years ago Just Wait Until Next Year
2A will be interesting to, university had 3 freshman in their top 5, although we did lose our bes...
15 years ago freshman XC times
got 16:56 at state as a fresh
15 years ago freshman XC times
got 16:56 at state as a fresh
15 years ago state results
compare that: 43 #932 Kilpatrick, Benjamin-University Lab 6:43.5 20:10.35 to that: 8 ...
15 years ago coach\'s race
matt carrol of university high has some speed, im sure he\'d be able to hang in there
15 years ago Fastest Freshman
ha, im a freshman and went 16:56
15 years ago 2A
David Kilpatrick ran 15:56 and Swanson was at 16:22
15 years ago 2A
Boys 2A: 1. Sean Swanner 2. David Kilpatrick 3. Corey Cronan 4. Jimmy Swanson
15 years ago one last race
yea good luck to all those seniors at state, for some it might be your last race, so yea, make it...
15 years ago 2005 XC Individual Champ - My Choices all Classes
5A~Guidry,Florek,Orso 4A~Sticker,Monroe,Chautin 3A~Holcombe,Sanders,Lambert 2A~Swanner,David K...
15 years ago Foot Locker South
is there a freshman team?
15 years ago Myspace?
15 years ago freshman XC times
yea well now I\'m bout half way through the season as a freshman and my PR so far was a 17:15, an...
15 years ago Oct 29th
i think university high will be at lafayette
15 years ago classification, why at state?
well actually its pretty simple, your right that some of the smaller schools can have the best ru...
15 years ago Catholic High Invitational Results
yea I did alright, I ran a 18:16 so it was a PR for me at highland road.......but i\'m hoping tha...
15 years ago Catholic High Invitational Results
yea the race was pretty good, and dusty, and the times were amazing but there were so many people...
15 years ago freshman XC times
yea well im a freshman thats been runnin basicly my whole life but im hopin to run a 17:30 or low...
15 years ago freshman XC times
what are some good freshman XC times
15 years ago Predictions 2005 Cross Country-Top 10 Class 2A
Predictions 2005 Cross Country-Top 10 Class 2A
15 years ago Class of \'09
Yea well im in the class of \'09 and im planning on running in the low 17\'s this year at state a...
15 years ago Predictions 2005 Cross Country - Top 10 Class B
alright, well im a freshman this year in 2A and Im planning on breaking 17:30 this year at state,...