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4 months ago DCSAA
Saint John's College High School broke the DC State Record and won the ENTIRE Championship as well.
4 months ago Worse Video coverage ever
The recordings at this meet was beey selfish and lazy. No start or finish line accuracy. DC settl...
7 months ago Open 60m - No Semis or finals?
There’s only one race for Open Girls 60m which is prelim. Where’s semis and finals?
10 months ago Sessions vs Sections
How will you know what Session tickets to pay for the 15-16 girls 60 & 400? There's NO refunds? I...
1 year ago Indoor track for kids whose schools don't have indoor track
@historian good luck with that
1 year ago Takiya Henson March 7, 2020
Takiya Henson placed 1st in the High School Girls 400 with a 58.33 which qualified her for 2019 N...
2 years ago SMAC - Girls 55, 300, 500
@Jgarner128 Yes it was. I always cheer for SMAC in whatever Region or States
2 years ago Heat Sheets?
Are there any heat sheets?
2 years ago SMAC - Girls 55, 300, 500
@Jgarner128. Yes. These kids run with their heart & soul To be honest, I just want everyone to PR
2 years ago SMAC - Girls 55, 300, 500
@Jgarner128 Talent is definitely there. So, which events do you think will be even? At least this...
2 years ago SMAC - Girls 55, 300, 500
Who so you predict? I predict Freshman Takiya Henson 55, 300, & 500