Bib Purchase Instructions

Milesplit Bib Purchase Instructions

Account Creation and Order Placement SOP

1.) Click link provided by Milesplit

2.) You have been brought to the Milesplit Bib Portal landing page:

  • a. To create your account to order your race bibs, create your username and password under the New Users section of the landing page and select continue.

3.) We now need your full account information, along with you self-registering as being a part of the Milesplit group.

  • a. Please be sure to identify as being from the Milesplit site or you will be directed to the general ECP storefront depriving you of the cost savings of the Milesplit portal.

4.) Once you have self-registered and the information is correct click "Create Account".


Placing an Order

1.) Click on the thumbnail of the product you would like.

2.) If Bibs, you should see this on your screen:

3.) Enter the starting number of the sequence you would like to order.

4.) Enter the ending number of the sequence you would like to order.

  • a. The quantity if auto-filled from the information you provide.

5.) You can either download a .pdf if you would like or update to show the final digit of what you entered.

6.) If everything looks good, select next step at the bottom of the page.

7.) You are now prompted to include any special instruction, for example, “I would like to have 1-250 wrapped separately from 251-500”.

8.) Once you have entered any special instructions you may have, click next step at the bottom of the page.

9.) At the finishing step, we are requesting that all users include a race name along with the in-hand date of their bib order so we can be sure to get you your order on-time. If this info is not included with the order we will not process and will reach out to you via email to obtain the info. a. Once you have provided this info, click next step at the bottom of the page.


Checking Out

1.) By this point, you have successfully added a product to your cart, now you must include important details such as shipping address and method as well as payment information

2.) Shipping Step

  • a.) Click the address book icon to add the shipping address you would like to ship your order to.
  • b.) After you have added the address to the address book, head back to the shipping step.
  • c.) Once you have selected the address, please select the shipping method.
  • d.) You should now see an updated cost breakdown that includes shipping and tax (if necessary).
  • e.) Select next step to go to the payment step

3.) Payment Step

  • a. Select the credit card option from the drop down menu
  • b. From there please enter the requested information from the card you will be paying with.
  • c. Once you have satisfied all of the required fields and the card has been verified select next step.

4.) Review Order

  • a. This is the final step to placing an order, if everything looks right, select place order.
  • b. Payment: We will not charge your card until the order has shipped in full.

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