RunningLane Track Championships 2022

Huntsville, AL

Meet Information


From the team that brought you RunningLane Cross Country Championships, we are here to bring you RunningLane Track Championships (RTC). The post season is the most exciting time of year. It is the time for season best performances, PRs, and excellent competition. We hope to bring the best line up in the nation together on May 27th-28th for our distance carnival in Huntsville, Alabama.
In 2021 we saw
*9 girls under 4:50 in the mile (20 under 5:00)
*7 boys under 4:12 in the mile (27 under 4:20)
*8 girls under 10:45 in the 3200m
*6 boys under 9:00 in the 3200m
All races will have music, fans on the track for an unforgettable atmosphere.

800m, Mile, 3200m (multiple heats based on official seed times)


7th-12th Grade (2021-2022 school year) in our HS races, Open races are for runners who are 6 years of age and older.


Friday Afternoon/Evening: *3200m
Saturday All Day/Evening: 800m, *Mile
*More information to come and will change based on entries and requirements of our timers.
*3200m & Mile Championship heats to be done under the lights
4:00 PM Packet Pickup Begins
(3200M Only)

6:40 PM National Anthem
6:50 PM Community Race
7:10 PM Boys Heat 7
7:25 PM Boys Heat 6
7:40 PM Boys Heat 5
7:55 PM Boys Heat 4
8:10 PM Girls Heat 3
8:25 PM Boys Heat 2
8:40 PM Girls Heat 2
8:55 PM Boys Heat 2
9:20 PM Girls Championship 3200M
9:45 PM Boys Championship 3200M

1:00 PM Packet Pickup Begins
4:00 PM National Anthem
4:15 PM Community Race
4:26 PM Boys Heat 8
4:32 PM Boys Heat 7
4:38 PM Boys Heat 6
4:44 PM Boys Heat 5
4:50 PM Girls Heat 4
4:56 PM Boys Heat 4
5:02 PM Girls Heat 3
5:08 PM Boys Heat 3
5:14 PM Girls Heat 2
5:20 PM Boys Heat 2
5:35 PM Girls Championship 800M
5:50 PM Boys Championship 800M
6:00 PM 800M Awards / Officials Break
6:25 PM Community Race
6:42 PM Boys Heat 13
6:50 PM Boys Heat 12
6:58 PM Boys Heat 11
7:06 PM Boys Heat 10
7:14 PM Boys Heat 9
7:22 PM Boys Heat 8
7:30 PM Boys Heat 7
7:40 PM Girls Heat 6
7:50 PM Boys Heat 6
8:00 PM Girls Heat 5
8:10 PM Boys Heat 5
8:18 PM Girls Heat 4
8:28 PM Boys Heat 4
8:36 PM Girls Heat 3
8:44 PM Boys Heat 3
8:52 PM Girls Heat 2
9:00 PM Boys Heat 2
9:25 PM Girls Championship Mile
9:50 PM Boys Championship Mile
Heat Sheets can temporarily be seen here:


Seed times can be submitted from January of 2021 and can be edited by event staff up to registration closing for the event. For this meet we do have cutoff times for entry to ensure the meet moves smoothly and in a quick fashion. Seed times will be what divides heats. Heat sizes and numbers will depend on number of entries. If you are in a state that runs 1500m, 1600m or 3000m please make a reasonable conversion to the mile and 3200m.
Results can be found at


2801 15th Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35805
Boys 800m 2:30
Girls 800m 3:00
Boys Mile 6:00
Girls Mile 6:30
Boys 3200m 12:30
Girls 3200m 13:30


If the athlete plans on doubling (running multiple events i.e. the Mile and the 3200m), the first event is $25 ($30 for late registration) and the second event will be discounted $15. This is only possible if you are registering for 2 events in a single sign up period. If you register for one event on a Friday and decide to add another event on a Saturday, the discount will not be automatically applied. In this case, please email event management.