2nd Annual Dew Mile Winter Classic 2015

, CA

Meet Information

Date: December 19


Time: 11:00 Opening Ceremonies.

5 Dollar entry fee will be collected at the gate. Please refer to all Dew Mile rules outline below before participating in the event.


Version 1 Race Guidelines
1.) All runners must appropriately finish each can of Mountain Dew and demonstrate to on hand referees the completion of their can by turning it upside down over their head. Excessive amounts of Dew will vindicate a disqualification.

2.) Throwing up is permitted during the Dew Mile. However, excessive amounts of vomiting may lead to disqualification due to medical concerns.

3.) By signing up for the Dew Mile, and paying the 5 dollar entry fee, all contestants acknowledge that neither the Dew Mile, nor RSM Intermediate School, are responsible for sickness or potential bodily harm caused by running the race.

4.) No maliciously intended physical contact is permitted, with any exceptions. The Dew Mile is meant to be a fun race; please do not get injured/injure others too seriously during it.
Elite Race Questions, Team Race Questions

1.)Elite Race requirement(s)
I.) Exceptional Cross Country times. Exceptional will be determined by the appointed Dew Mile committee, and potentially individual state rankings.
II.) A sub 7:30 Dew Mile, recorded from beginning to end, with a timer constantly shown in the video frame. All Video entries must be submitted to a Dew Mile committee member for proper review 25 days prior to the event.
III.) Track qualifying standards must be attained and proven with FAT Timing. i.) 1:55 800m ii.) 4:20 1600m iii.) 9:25 3200m
IV.) Qualification for the Elite Heat of the Mountain Dew Mile World Championships from Dew Mile Prelims can be achieved by placing in the top 7 overall, or by running a sub 7:15 Dew Mile.

2.)Team Race Scoring, delineation
I.) Team scoring, implicated into the Dew Mile as of November 15th, 2015, will not be limited to any Dew Mile heat. Runners, when checking in, must notify the Clerk of the Course of their team association, and will be recorded as such. Five members are required to get a team score for the Dew Mile.
II.) Team scoring will be evaluated at the end of every Dew Mile race. All results will be combined, and the team with the fastest average Dew Mile will be crowned champion.