New Balance Indoor Nationals 2013

New York, NY

Meet Information

Schedule Of Events

EE = Emerging Elite

FRIDAY, March 8th


10:00am EE 60m H Trials
10:45am EE 60m Trials
11:20am EE 60m H FINAL
11:35am EE 60m FINAL
11:40am EE 4x800m FINAL
12:30pm EE 400m FINAL (sections)
1:05pm EE 800m FINAL
1:55pm EE 200 Trials
2:30pm EE 2 Mile FINAL
3:20pm EE 4x200m FINAL
3:50pm EE Sprint Medley Relay FINAL
4:30pm EE 200m FINAL
4:40pm G Distance Medley FINAL
5:10pm B Distance Medley FINAL
5:40pm EE 4x400m FINAL
6:15pm G - 5000 meters FINAL
7:00pm B - 5000 meters FINAL


9:00am G EE Shot Put FINAL
9:00am G EE Long Jump FINAL
10:00am G EE Pole Vault FINAL
12:00pm B EE Shot Put FINAL
12:00pm B EE Long Jump FINAL
12:30pm G EE High Jump FINAL
1:00pm B EE Pole Vault FINAL
3:00pm G EE Triple Jump FINAL
3:00pm G EE Weight Throw FINAL
3:00pm B EE High Jump FINAL
6:00pm B EE Triple Jump FINAL
6:00pm B EE Weight Throw FINAL
6:00pm G High Jump FINAL

SATURDAY, March 9th


60m Hurdles
G 8:15am B 8:00am
Shot Put
G 9:15am (estimated) B 11:15am (estimated)
Long Jump
G 10:30am (estimated) (pit 1) B 9:15am (estimated) (pit 2)
High Jump
G - 12:30pm (estimated) (pit 1) B 1:15pm (estimated) (pit 2)
800m / 1000m
G 2:30pm (estimated) B 3:15pm (estimated)


8:30am Freshman 60m Dash G/B Trials
8:50am 60m Dash G/B Trials
9:35am Freshman 60m Dash G/B FINALS
9:45am 60m Hurdles G/B Trials
10:35am B Shuttle Hurdles FINAL
11:05am G Shuttle Hurdles FINAL
11:35am G 4x200m Relay Trials
11:55am B 4x200m Relay Trials
12:15pm G 4x1 Mile Relay FINAL
1:05pm B 4x1 Mile Relay FINAL
1:50pm G Sprint Medley FINAL
2:20pm B Sprint Medley FINAL
2:50pm G One Mile Walk FINAL
3:05pm B One Mile Walk FINAL
3:20pm G 400m Trials
3:55pm B 400m Trials
4:30pm G - Freshman 400m FINAL
4:45pm B - Freshman 400m FINAL
5:00pm EE Mile G/B FINALS
5:45pm G 200m Trials
6:20pm B 200m Trials
6:55pm G 4x800m Relay FINAL
7:40pm B 4x800m Relay FINAL


12:00noon B Pole Vault FINAL Unseeded
12:00 noon B Long Jump FINAL
2:00pm G Shot Put FINAL
3:00pm B Pole Vault FINAL Seeded
4:30pm G Long Jump FINAL
5:00pm B Shot Put FINAL
6:00pm B High Jump FINAL

SUNDAY, March 10th


8:30am G/B Junior High Mile FINALS
9:00am G/B Freshman Mile FINALS
9:40am G/B 2 Mile Runs Unseeded sections
10:10am 800m FINAL - all but top section
10:40am G -- 60m Hurdles Semis
10:50am B -- 60m Hurdles Semis
11:00am G -- 60m Dash Semis
11:10am B -- 60m Dash Semis
11:20am One Mile Run FINAL - all but top section
11:45am G 4x400m Relay FINAL - all but top section
11:50am B 4x400m Relay FINAL - all but top section
12:10pm Opening Ceremonies
12:20pm G 4x200m Relay FINAL
12:28pm B 4x200m Relay FINAL
12:36pm G 2 Mile Run FINAL
12:51pm B 2 Mile Run FINAL
1:06pm G 60m Hurdles FINAL
1:14pm B 60m Hurdles FINAL
1:22pm G 60m Dash FINAL
1:30pm B 60m Dash FINAL
1:38pm G 400m FINAL
1:46pm B 400m FINAL
1:54pm G - One Mile Run FINAL (top section only)
2:04pm B One Mile Run FINAL (top section only)
2:14pm G - 800m FINAL (top section only)
2:18pm B 800m FINAL (top section only)
2:22pm G 200m FINAL
2:28pm B 200m FINAL
2:34pm G 4x400m Relay FINAL (top section only)
2:42pm B 4x400m Relay FINAL (top section only)


9:30am G Weight Throw FINAL
10:00am G Pole Vault FINAL Unseeded
10:00am B Triple Jump FINAL
12:30pm B Weight Throw FINAL
1:00pm G Triple Jump FINAL
1:00pm G Pole Vault FINAL Seeded

Admission for athletes is via their competition number and wristband. (Each coach will be given one admission wristband per team). For all others, the following will apply.
Admission for athletes is via their competition number and wristband. (Each coach will be given one admission wristband per team). For all others, the following will apply.

* Regular admission
o $20 per day
o $50 for three day pass
o $35 for Sat-Sun pass
* VIP admission
o $30 per day
o $75 for three day pass
o $50 for Sat Sun pass
* High School Students
o $10 per day
o $25 for three day pass
o $20 for Sat-Sun pass

Final Instructions

THE ARMORY Lower Level follow signs to registration (Thursday, 3:00pm-9:00pm, Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 7am-8pm, Sunday 8am-noon)

Your packet is filed alphabetically via school name. Since biographical information is now included in the entry blank, there is no necessity to fill out a bio card.

USATF card - you must have a valid USATF card in order to pick up your packet. If you do not have one, you may purchase one at registration or at the USATF web site. If you have a valid USATF card, but for some reason do not have it with you, you may fill out a waiver stating that fact.

Each school receives one coach's admission bracelet for coach or adult accompanying athlete. Any additional passes may be purchased at Registration on Friday night, or at the Admission area during and before competition hours.


All coaches must fill in relay cards prior to their teams' relay check-in. This allows for accuracy in reporting relay members in the results.

ATHLETES - Admission is via the competition number.
COACHES - Enter through normal admission gate and show admission bracelet.
All others must purchase admission bracelets.

SPIKES - " Only
All " spikes are allowed except for the "Christmas tree" design.

Athletes may warm up in designated hallways one level down from the competition floor. Please use that area only within 1 hour of your event.

Flats ONLY are allowed on the warm-up track. NO STARTING BLOCKS are allowed.

Immediately after your race, please go to the awards area. Unless you feel that you were definitely not in the top 6, you must proceed to the awards area.

Championship rings will be awarded to each winner of the Championship competition (including relays). Medals will be issued to the first six places in all events. The first six places of the Championship events will be named NSAF All Americans (this does not apply to Emerging Elite and Freshman Events). All-American Certificates will be distributed at the awards ceremony.

There will be no Emerging Elite nor Freshman awards ceremonies. Awards can be picked up at the Awards Table.

Those who wish to store their luggage, may do so in the area provided in the Armory. The luggage area will be prominently marked. While there will be security in the luggage storage area, the NSAF is not responsible for lost/stolen articles. ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT (CDs, Radios, cameras, etc) ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE COMPETITION AREA. We will provide luggage receipts when checking luggage.

Parking At The Track

Parking is limited in the immediate vicinity of the Armory.

Street parking adjacent to the Armory is available and requires feeding a meter.

Two good options are:

Riverside Drive just south of 165th Street, or the parking garage at 165th Street and Fort Washington Avenue.