Kayla Davis Has Officially Put Everyone On Notice

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Young talent arrives at the nation's doorstep every year in track and field. 

So who's next in 2019? 

With the debut of 14-year-old Kayla Davis, we may have already seen a glimpse. 

The freshman at Charlotte Providence Day School (NC), who runs for Run U Xpress in Wake Forest and turns 15 on December 21, posted two historically good performances at 300 and 500 meters on Saturday at the NCRunners Holiday Invitational. 

The first came at 300m, where she pocketed a current US No. 1 and No. 14 all-time effort of 38.03, before she came back in the 500m and netted a US No. 1 and No. 15 all-time effort of 1:12.70. Each performance earned Davis rave reviews for its sheer dominance. But interestingly enough, both races, while young over the international season, also stack up at the IAAF level. Davis' effort in the 300m is fourth best in the world right now, while her 500m is fifth best. 

Her efforts at the world stage will sure enough be toppled as the season progresses (it's December and very few professional or collegiate athletes have been pushed at those distances in big races), but her times right now explore a bigger point: After just one indoor race, Davis has the potential to be great. 

When stacked up with each distance's top all-time athletes, her projections could be scary good. Consider that her 300m time was better than anyone at the distance in 2018. 

Union Catholic (NJ) graduate Sydney McLaughlin owns the national record in the 300m, while Pennsylvania native Chanelle Price set the 500m record back in 2008. 

- - - 

All-Time 300m Performances

athleteclassAT rankfreshmansophomorejuniorsenior
Kayla Davis20221438.03NANANA
Sydney McLaughlin2017138.5537.49NA36.82
Francena McCorory2006239.9838.2337.636.96
Kadecia Baird2013339.5939.437.9537.54
Shana Cox2003440.47NA3837.59
Natasha Hastings20046NA37.77NANA

- - - 

athleteclassat rankfreshmansophomorejuniorsenior
Kayla Davis2022151:12.70NANANA
Chanelle Price20081NANANA1:10.30
Devon Williams200421:11.44NANANA
Sammy Watson20173NANANA1:11.75
Lauryn Ghee20174NA1:13.841:11.781:13.61
Natasha Hastings20045NANA1:11.84NA
Britton Wilson201981:17.791:13.701:12.28NA

And here's the kicker: In 2019 her breakout distance will be at 400 meters. 

As a seventh-grader, Davis set a career best of 52.54 at 400m, which is under North Carolina's state record. As an eighth-grader, she went 11.86 seconds in the 100m, 23.34 in the 200m and 53.34 in the 400m. She logged five performances under 54 seconds in 2018 alone. 

Only 31 high school girls broke 54 seconds in 2018. Only 11 broke 53 seconds. Consider that as a middle-school athlete, Davis did both, and accomplished the former consistently. 

So what's next for Davis? 

The North Carolina athlete will be pitted against one of the country's top sprinters, Arria Minor, at the VA Showcase in January. 

Get ready for a show. 

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