Converting The Top 500 60m Sprinters To Their 40 Yard Dash Times

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* A year ago, Tennessee's Christian Coleman had some fun and ran the fastest 40-yard dash ever recorded with FAT

It's the age-old track question: What does my 60 meter time convert to in a 40 yard dash? 

For as long as football players have been plying their trade in the short sprint at regional and national combines, track athletes have scoffed at their perceived "fast" times, noting that their fast isn't really that fast. And once again, as the NFL Draft Combine enters our radars on Saturday, we'll start to contextualize football speed versus track speed. But let's start with what we know. 

A year ago, Tennessee's Christian Coleman, the recent NCAA record holder in the 100m and world leader in the 60m, silenced critics when, on a lark, he went out and ran an easy 4.12 effort in the 40 yard dash (above). 

That was in response to the fastest 40 yard dash time ever record at the NFL combine -- a 4.22 second effort by John Ross, a wide receiver prospect who was promptly drafted ninth in the first round by the Cincinnati Bengals and followed with zero catches in his rookie season.

Fortunately, we've tried to answer this question ourselves. What could our national leaders in the high school 60m dash run in the 40 yard dash?

For a reference point, FloTrack's Gordon Mack recapped what Ross' 4.22 meant last year (Answer: Not that fast.) We've used some of his variables in this conversion, taking into account only half automatic timing for most 40 yard dash times (+0.12) and reaction time (+0.149). We also have to account for speed longevity. Ross' final 25.61 yards was estimated at 2.135 seconds, and his 60m conversion was 6.62 seconds. 

Using Ross' conversion as a barometer for ours, we've compiled a list of the top 500 60m sprinters in the nation this year, and their converted 40 yard times with a multiplier of (0.638). This is obviously an inexact science, so comments are welcome. 

But just for reference, our conversion does translate to past times. In 2013, Marquise Goodwin ran 4.27 seconds at the NFL combine. Just a year earlier, he ran a 60m best of 6.70 seconds, which equate to 4.27 in our exercise.  

From a high school standpoint, American Heritage (FL) High senior Anthony Schwartz, the world youth record holder in the 100m (10.15), ran a hand-timed 4.27 40 yard dash at the Nike Opening a year ago. Based on video evidence, it looks like there was an FAT clock at the finish, which would convert his time to a 4.39 seconds. On his Nike recruiting page, Schwartz reportedly owns a best of 4.34 seconds. 

According to our conversions below, nine runners would have Schwartz beat in a 40yD. 

What about Christian Coleman's recent world record in the 60m of 6.34 seconds at the USA Indoor Championships?

Using our conversion, that would equate to a 40yD time of 4.04 seconds. 

So enough with the words. What are the conversions? (Also, it would help if someone on this list gave the 40yD a real go! #milesplit40)


rankname2018 60m Bestconverted 40yD
1Brendon Stewart6.664.24908
2Nick Cross6.684.26184
3Langston Jackson6.724.28736
4Okheme Moore6.734.29374
5Austin Kratz6.734.29374
6Dallin Draper6.764.31288
7Eric Allen Jr.6.784.32564
8Jalen Ware6.794.33202
9Corey Wren6.84.3384
10Gatlin Lawson6.834.35754
11Tyrese Cooper6.834.35754
12Marcellus Moore6.834.35754
13Jais Smith6.844.36392
14Kam Jackson6.844.36392
15Easton Bianchi6.844.36392
16Kristian Marche6.854.3703
17Myles Calhoun6.854.3703
18Charles Johnson Iii6.854.3703
19Justin Becker6.864.37668
20Burnell Williams6.864.37668
21Ronald Reed6.874.38306
22Davonte Burnett6.874.38306
23Ronald Lee6.884.38944
24Javaughn Moore6.884.38944
25Damian Close6.884.38944
26Seth Holloway6.884.38944
27Anthony Brinson6.884.38944
28Joshua Bridges6.884.38944
29Keishawn Everly6.894.39582
30Ashton Daniel6.894.39582
31Caleb Jackson6.894.39582
32Isaac Guerendo6.894.39582
33Christian Bell6.894.39582
34Cameron Murray6.94.4022
35Smith Charles6.94.4022
36Caleb Mcmiller6.94.4022
37Quentin Woodall6.94.4022
38Gregory Sholars6.914.40858
39Joseph Stevens6.914.40858
40Ryan Charlton6.914.40858
41James Flournoy6.914.40858
42Hakim Ruffin6.914.40858
43Jordan Byrd6.914.40858
44Dejury Amado6.914.40858
45James Krandel6.914.40858
46Trenton Charles6.914.40858
47Zarik Brown6.914.40858
48Charles Lewis6.924.41496
49John Caouette6.924.41496
50Jordan Booker6.934.42134
51Rysn Gailliard6.934.42134
52Will Prettyman6.934.42134
53Edward Summer Iv6.934.42134
54Starling Thomas6.934.42134
55Tyrone Leggette6.934.42134
56Cristian Moore6.934.42134
57Daniel Robinson6.934.42134
58Jazine Pelcher6.944.42772
59Asante Fazarro6.944.42772
60Nyles Thomas6.944.42772
61Rondell Terry6.944.42772
62Naythn Scruggs6.944.42772
63Gary Quarles6.944.42772
64Devin Cadena6.944.42772
65Zion Cross6.944.42772
66Jp Vaught6.944.42772
67Devon Marshall6.944.42772
68Brian Herron6.954.4341
69Zachary Martin6.954.4341
70Shemar Vance6.954.4341
71William Prettyman6.954.4341
72Alan Alvarez Jr.6.954.4341
73Armonte Paulk6.954.4341
74Sethan Hollier6.954.4341
75Jamel Mcelveen6.954.4341
76Alan Alvarez6.964.44048
77Ryan Martin6.964.44048
78Zavier Johnson6.964.44048
79Donovan Smith6.964.44048
80Arlon Williams6.964.44048
81Lateef Birks6.964.44048
82Micah Williams6.964.44048
83Dylan Henry6.964.44048
84Dorian Hooker6.964.44048
85Octavious Carter6.964.44048
86Brassir Stocker6.964.44048
87Dominic Bentil6.974.44686
88Stephen O'Fallon6.974.44686
89Jessie Porter6.974.44686
90Treyvon Jones6.974.44686
91Pierre Brown6.974.44686
92Terroll Jolla6.974.44686
93Payton Copher6.974.44686
94Alfred Pemberton6.984.45324
95Breelyn Jones6.984.45324
96Rj Nelson6.984.45324
97Luc Andrada6.984.45324
98Coby Kelley6.984.45324
99Pierre Brown6.984.45324
100Caden Smith6.984.45324
101Tylin Jackson6.994.45962
102Dre'quan Crawford6.994.45962
103Holland Jacobs6.994.45962
104Connor Artman6.994.45962
105Enoch Brookins6.994.45962
106Donovan Roland6.994.45962
107Jaylen Stinson6.994.45962
108Cortez Cunningham6.994.45962
109Tyler Davis6.994.45962
110Dj Chambers6.994.45962
111Dakari Charlton6.994.45962
112Chase Burr6.994.45962
113Vontrae Booker6.994.45962
114Eudel Moreta6.994.45962
115Devan Hart6.994.45962
116LaCarr Trent6.994.45962
117Dubem Anikamadu6.994.45962
118Jaylen Lewis6.994.45962
119Jalani Allen6.994.45962
120Andrew Gilreath74.466
121Evan Nafe74.466
122Billy Ross Jr74.466
123Gabriel Faulcon74.466
124Jordan Pringle74.466
125Isaiah Teer74.466
126Jermarrion Stewart74.466
127Anthony Franklin74.466
128Grant Floyd74.466
129Alex Trower74.466
130Trevon Thompson7.014.47238
131Kristopher Moore7.014.47238
132Dj Henderson7.014.47238
133Brandon Wright7.014.47238
134Latrell Murray7.014.47238
135Roderick Standokes7.014.47238
136Edner Dorwil7.014.47238
137Nolan Crespo7.014.47238
138Khalil Forehand7.014.47238
139Amri Willis7.014.47238
140Jarquez Cornell7.014.47238
141Mike Adams7.014.47238
142Jimmyrious Parker7.014.47238
143Jordan Barrow7.024.47876
144Caleb Jackson7.024.47876
145Romaine Rhoden7.024.47876
146Nathan Blackwell7.024.47876
147Bryson Stubblefield7.024.47876
148Relrre Brown7.024.47876
149Donald Steele7.024.47876
150Rodney Johnson7.024.47876
151Demetrius Jackson7.024.47876
152Tre Tucker7.024.47876
153Bryce Watson7.024.47876
154Kenny Dudley7.024.47876
155Jayden Harrison7.024.47876
156Philip Shovlin7.024.47876
157Sterling Warner7.034.48514
158Arquon Bush7.034.48514
159Del'Mario Hairston7.034.48514
160Zion Gordon7.034.48514
161Quincy Scott7.034.48514
162Nathan Kaufusi7.034.48514
163Collin Reid7.034.48514
164Ronald Kent7.034.48514
165Jules Johnson7.034.48514
166Joshua Max-dixon7.034.48514
167Parker Aerts7.034.48514
168Daniel Lutes7.034.48514
169Antonio Stello7.034.48514
170Brandon Berry7.044.49152
171Mick Lawrence7.044.49152
172Antonio Postell7.044.49152
173Shemar Pinnock7.044.49152
174Junias Holmes7.044.49152
175Magnus Hemingway7.044.49152
176Jermie Walker7.044.49152
177Billy Ross7.044.49152
178Kibren Moore7.054.4979
179Bobby Nuzzo7.054.4979
180Raekwon Starks7.054.4979
181Robert Gentile7.054.4979
182Tyrese Ivy7.054.4979
183Jordan Humphrey7.054.4979
184Chidera Agim7.054.4979
185Elijha Johnson7.054.4979
186Keyon Jefferson7.054.4979
187Lee Witherspoon7.054.4979
188Weston Wendt7.054.4979
189Daquan Berry7.054.4979
190Dante Hodge7.054.4979
191Dawson Kaiser7.054.4979
192Damon Green7.054.4979
193Tony Martin7.054.4979
194Alec Frymier7.054.4979
195Tyeshawn Worrell7.054.4979
196Roodolph Antoine7.064.50428
197Kobe Barnes7.064.50428
198Avery Reeves7.064.50428
199Cohen Russell7.064.50428
200Sterling Brassfield7.064.50428
201Korey Hairston7.064.50428
202Adam Hall7.064.50428
203Blanchard Montgomery IV7.064.50428
204Christian Ford7.064.50428
205Andrew Robinson7.064.50428
206Brandon Sanders7.064.50428
207Jakorian Bennet7.064.50428
208Ralph Fitzgerald7.064.50428
209Devon Tate7.064.50428
210Joseph Piper7.064.50428
211Tyler Stuever7.064.50428
212Colin Marks7.064.50428
213Braiden Ivie7.064.50428
214Kwabena Lynn7.064.50428
215Phil Zuccaro7.064.50428
216Maliq Trigg7.064.50428
217Jesuseun Adeyiga7.064.50428
218Jadon Jackson7.064.50428
219Andrew Davis7.064.50428
220Van Gupton7.064.50428
221Brendan Elrod7.064.50428
222Shawn Brown7.064.50428
223Mason Melancon7.074.51066
224Izayiah Moore7.074.51066
225Roodolph Antoine7.074.51066
226Robby Lefevre7.074.51066
227Lejond Cavazos7.074.51066
228Joseph Laster7.074.51066
229Adam Hall7.074.51066
230Tyler Byrd7.074.51066
231Blaine Grant7.074.51066
232Bernard Bell Jr7.074.51066
233Chaunzavia Lewis7.074.51066
234Kylie Clifton7.074.51066
235Noel Devine7.084.51704
236Corey Johnson7.084.51704
237Kamarion Graham7.084.51704
238J'Marri McCall7.084.51704
239Johnny Simpson7.084.51704
240Matthew Moorer7.084.51704
241David Graham7.084.51704
242Deron Duddley7.084.51704
243Nicolas Porter7.084.51704
244Tony Pizzillo7.084.51704
245Nathan Brown7.084.51704
246Chris Ford7.084.51704
247Stephan Bracey7.084.51704
248Xavier Rogers7.084.51704
249Willie McCaulley7.084.51704
250Edward Saydee7.084.51704
251Henry Young7.084.51704
252Frank Nash7.084.51704
253Kesean Brown7.084.51704
254Clyde King, Jr.7.084.51704
255Eric Kirk7.084.51704
256Larue Martin7.084.51704
257Kyle Markland7.084.51704
258Ethan Roach7.084.51704
259Jr., Ivan Dayton7.084.51704
260Silas Robinson7.094.52342
261Jeremiah Boone7.094.52342
262Cornelius Bright7.094.52342
263Jacob Smith7.094.52342
264Noah Green7.094.52342
265Michael Collier7.094.52342
266Brandon Ray7.094.52342
267Jakobe Rogers7.094.52342
268Gavin Sawchuk7.094.52342
269Moses Ikechukwu Biosah7.094.52342
270Traevon Alford7.094.52342
271William Gruber7.094.52342
272Zaire Webb7.094.52342
273Kevin Snyder7.094.52342
274Joseph Laster III7.094.52342
275Tajhe Jones7.094.52342
276Jaden Jackson7.094.52342
277Luke Finnegan7.094.52342
278Grant Gunn7.094.52342
279Tim Rumas7.14.5298
280Andrew Davis7.14.5298
281Romell Clark7.14.5298
282DaQuone Johnson7.14.5298
283Rashad Boyd7.14.5298
284Samuel Hopes7.14.5298
285Raedan Goldblum7.14.5298
286Donnie James7.14.5298
287Blake Nelson7.14.5298
288Chris Ford7.14.5298
289Desmond Pettus7.14.5298
290Gabriel James7.14.5298
291James Maye7.14.5298
292Savion Hebron7.14.5298
293Justin Long7.14.5298
294Ibro Soumah7.14.5298
295Rodney Patterson7.14.5298
296Ammon Robinson7.14.5298
297Ta'mir Waters7.14.5298
298Trevon Raphael7.14.5298
299Austin Maiden7.14.5298
300Robert Edwards7.14.5298
301Myles Gascon7.14.5298
302Nicholas Wilson7.14.5298
303Herman Chongwain7.14.5298
304Elijah Young7.14.5298
305Roland Miles7.14.5298
306Kameron McDaniel7.114.53618
307Jordan Maxwell7.114.53618
308Julian Jaime7.114.53618
309Robert Griffin7.114.53618
310Connor Holzkamper7.114.53618
311Chandler Roman7.114.53618
312Cobey Hall7.114.53618
313Rodney Cannon Jr7.114.53618
314Evan Brooks7.114.53618
315Aristotle Huffman7.114.53618
316Tyler Carter7.114.53618
317Adrian Jackson7.114.53618
318Cameron Seabrok7.114.53618
319Dominic Logan-Nealy7.114.53618
320Andrew Allen7.114.53618
321Ashun Brown7.114.53618
322Joey Zook7.114.53618
323Micah Boles-White7.114.53618
324Tate Rhoads7.114.53618
325Cameron Attucks7.114.53618
326Dimitri Hondos7.124.54256
327David Lee7.124.54256
328Donnie James7.124.54256
329Ryan Gordon7.124.54256
330Beau Sloan7.124.54256
331Noah Stallworth7.124.54256
332Adrian Wilson7.124.54256
333Jakeith James7.124.54256
334Cameron Harris7.124.54256
335Jaeschel Acheampong7.124.54256
336Zahir Muhammad7.124.54256
337Alajuan Robinson7.124.54256
338Christopher Brown7.124.54256
339Kyle Demoica7.124.54256
340Nick Ramey7.124.54256
341Desmond Bowers7.124.54256
342Billy Washington7.134.54894
343Kalvin Beal7.134.54894
344Christopher Brown7.134.54894
345Ryan Gailliard7.134.54894
346Moyo Oyebamiji7.134.54894
347Silas Young7.134.54894
348Glynel Humphrey7.134.54894
349Travis Tyler7.134.54894
350Thomas Robinson7.134.54894
351Jalen Butler7.134.54894
352Garvin Tolbert7.134.54894
353Luke Arkell7.134.54894
354Floyd Allen7.134.54894
355Coby Colquitt7.134.54894
356Freddie Allen III7.134.54894
357David Pritchard7.134.54894
358Jaden Thomas7.134.54894
359Laminu Abbas7.134.54894
360Landon Wilks7.134.54894
361Devin Berens7.134.54894
362Paul Isabella7.134.54894
363Joseph Laster7.134.54894
364Malik Griffin7.134.54894
365Kamron Bowen7.134.54894
366Kyle Patelis7.134.54894
367Malcolm Briley7.134.54894
368Kenyon Reed7.134.54894
369Carlinos Acie7.134.54894
370Ethan Fogle7.134.54894
371Tayezhan Crough7.134.54894
372Keylin Holloway7.134.54894
373Stephan Bracey Jr7.134.54894
374Quin Broussard7.134.54894
375Tyler Jacobs7.134.54894
376Julien Cromwell7.144.55532
377Cameron Taylor7.144.55532
378Asa Hodrick7.144.55532
379Onesimus Collins7.144.55532
380Keaton Mitchell7.144.55532
381Glenn Bender7.144.55532
382Tyrese Kohlman7.144.55532
383Hassan El-amin7.144.55532
384Job Blacksmith7.144.55532
385Kieran Stokes7.144.55532
386Dante Abrams7.144.55532
387Antwuane Johnson7.144.55532
388Leondre Woods7.144.55532
389Thomas Wilks7.144.55532
390Marcell Ellis7.144.55532
391Drew Olson7.144.55532
392Terrell Johnson7.144.55532
393Melvin Aninagyei7.144.55532
394Jared Holloway7.144.55532
395Trey Harris7.144.55532
396Colby Ried7.144.55532
397Devyn Johnson7.144.55532
398Jarett Flaker7.144.55532
399Austin Montgomery7.154.5617
400Kevon Holloway7.154.5617
401Jamal Morris7.154.5617
402Andrew Davis7.154.5617
403Travis Rose7.154.5617
404Austin Fuentes7.154.5617
405Michael Warner7.154.5617
406Kwon Holloway7.154.5617
407Chase Wells7.154.5617
408Ty Washington7.154.5617
409Derek Turner7.154.5617
410Tori Clinton7.154.5617
411JaShawn Young7.154.5617
412Calvin Hatcher7.154.5617
413Jared Cooper7.154.5617
414Eric Edwards7.154.5617
415Titus Jackson7.154.5617
416Kayshon Boutte7.154.5617
417Reginald Johnson7.154.5617
418Ty Schmelzer7.154.5617
419Brien Pittman7.154.5617
420Jadyn Loudermilk7.154.5617
421Rodney Cannon7.154.5617
422Zach Reid7.164.56808
423Robert Williams7.164.56808
424Lino Odenat7.164.56808
425Khalid Dorsey7.164.56808
426Ja'den Johnson7.164.56808
427Antwuane Johnson7.164.56808
428Phillip Stewart7.164.56808
429Bret Dannis7.164.56808
430Myles Miller7.164.56808
431Kashawn Baptiste7.164.56808
432Stephen Bracey7.164.56808
433Kaylon Horton7.164.56808
434Trey Doublin7.164.56808
435Dennis Phillips7.164.56808
436Lawrence Johnson7.164.56808
437Caleb Cantu7.164.56808
438Eian Castonguay7.164.56808
439Jay Tymes7.164.56808
440Andrew Robinson7.164.56808
441Zachary Jones7.164.56808
442Samuel Crawford7.164.56808
443Jarrett Hoover7.164.56808
444Christopher Alexander7.174.57446
445Julius Norman7.174.57446
446Michael Welde7.174.57446
447James Brown7.174.57446
448Anthony Williams7.174.57446
449Dwight Smith7.174.57446
450Nevan Tebb-lolar7.174.57446
451Chris Duffy7.174.57446
452Cameron Hudson7.174.57446
453Dylan Brown7.174.57446
454Myles Marshall7.174.57446
455Terrence Gragg7.174.57446
456Xavier McKnight7.174.57446
457Peyton Dixon7.174.57446
458Tye Hunt7.174.57446
459Michael Brewer7.174.57446
460Ben Reilly7.174.57446
461Vincent Todd7.174.57446
462Nana Adusepoku7.174.57446
463Julian Lacey7.174.57446
464Andrew Robinson7.174.57446
465Milton Wright7.174.57446
466Obadiah Butler7.174.57446
467Landon Williams7.174.57446
468Tyler Thomas7.174.57446
469Max Vickery7.174.57446
470Bankole Abimbola7.174.57446
471Andre Gooden7.174.57446
472Keegan Jones7.174.57446
473Devon Marshall7.184.58084
474Travon Chance7.184.58084
475Noah Stallwork7.184.58084
476Jordan Clark7.184.58084
477Seun Adeyiga7.184.58084
478Joe Gillette7.184.58084
479Kemeric Winston7.184.58084
480Jaiden Ventnor7.184.58084
481Cartrun Mitchell7.184.58084
482Dylan Brown7.184.58084
483Tyler Martindale7.184.58084
484Nasan Robbins7.184.58084
485Mason Player7.184.58084
486Connor Adams7.184.58084
487Connor Newhouse7.184.58084
488Antonio Doster7.184.58084
489Antonio Doster7.184.58084
490Michae Contrucci7.184.58084
491Lorenzo Styles Jr.7.184.58084
492Anthony Hudson7.184.58084
493Logan Stacy7.184.58084
494JaQuan Dunaway7.184.58084
495Christian Phillips7.184.58084
496Mason Keenan7.184.58084
497Pearless Jackson7.184.58084
498Ashton Gilkey7.184.58084
499Jakari Long7.194.58722
500A.j. Ellis7.194.58722