On The Line: Extraordinary Displays, Top Athletes & NMOTW

On the latest episode of On The Line, the crew digs into recent meets like the CYUP Misfits Invitational, the LSU High School Classic and the Texas Tech Under Armour High School Invitational. From there, they debate the best boys jumpers and the best girls distance runners in the country, the top athletes expected to shine this weekend and upcoming contests across the U.S., including our own National Meet of the Week. 

Podcast segments: 

  • The Week That Was, Part 1: Extraordinary displays [1:50]
  • The Week That Was, Part 2: Nyckoles Harbor vs. Jelani Watkins [11:00]
  • The Week That Was, Part 3: USATF U20 Championships [18:10]
  • The Best Boys Jumpers of 2023 [26:00]
  • The Best Girls Jumpers of 2023 [31:10]
  • The Top Athletes To Watch This Weekend [37:00]
  • The Country's Top Meets This Weekend
  • National Meet of the Week: Legend of Alachua Entries
  • National Meet of the Week: Top race headed to LOA

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