Workout Wednesday: 150s With Sophia Gorriaran And Co.

AUSTIN, Tex. -- On a recent new-years workout ahead of The VA Showcase, we met up with Moses Brown (RI) senior Sophia Gorriaran, the country's top half-miler, as she prepared for the final indoor season of her high school career.

The Gorriarans were in Austin on their annual pilgrimage to the Texas capitol, a tradition that has spanned over a decade and which has often seen the family train at the Austin High School track. 

Check out the workout above. 


Footage: Cory Mull, William Grundy, Nancy Pierce, Ben Wright

Drone: Ashton Torns II

Photos: Ben Wright

* Sophia Gorriaran being interviewed before the workout. 

Photo Credit: Ben Wright

* Sophia recovers from a rep along with her sister, Natasha, a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania

Photo Credit: Ben Wright

* Sophia warms up for her 150s on a recent post-new years workout

Photo Credit: Ben Wright

* Steve Gorriaran, the father of Sophia, coaches and trains his daughter. He and his wife take the family to Austin every year around the holidays. 

Photo Credit: Ben Wright

* Max Gorriaran, a junior at Boston University, helps train his sister as she prepares to go after sky high goals in the 800m

Photo Credit: Ben Wright

* Max and Sophia finish a rep alongside Ben Wright, a junior at Austin High, who assisted in filming the workout for MileSplit