On The Line: Hana And Amanda Moll, VA Showcase, CYUP Misfits

- - -

On the latest episode of On The Line, Cory and Olivia interview Hana and Amanda Moll, highlight the VA Showcase, talk about the CYUP Misfits Invitational, and more.

Interview Segments:

  • Interview with Hana and Amanda Moll (1:08)
  • Cory and Olivia's favorite track matchup from the VA Showcase (18:40)
  • Their favorite field performance from Virginia (24:46)
  • Highlighting the Arkansas High School Invitational (28:16)
  • What went down at the Morolake Akinosun Invitational (30:43)
  • Lingering Question: Is the 2022 season weaker this year? (33:03)
  • Lingering Question: Who's the strongest girl sprinter right now? (40:33)
  • MileSplit Meet Of The Week: CYUP Misfits Invite - Who is opening up this weekend at this meet? (44:28)
  • MileSplit Meet Of the Week: Who can continue their strong season at this meet? (47:57
  • Discussing the Sundown Track Series (51:05)