On The Line: RXC2, Eastbay Champs, Newbury Park & More

On the latest episode of On The Line, Cory and Olivia break down the highlights from RXC2, share what to expect at Eastbay, Newbury Park talk, and more.

Show Segments:

  • The environment at RXC2 (:47)
  • Having 3 boys under the all-time 5K mark. Why is this important? (3:30)
  • 76 boys broke 15mins at the John Hunt Park. How could this be? (10:15)
  • Natalie Cook's performance (14:55)
  • RunningLane 2020 vs Garmin RunningLane 2021 (18:58)
  • Recapping Eastbay West Regionals (22:38)
  • What can we expect at the Eastbay Cross Country Championships in the boys race? (26:58)
  • The top 5 contenders for this weekend (32:00)
  • What to look out for in the girls race (36:06)
  • What separates the regional winners from each other (41:09)
  • Interview with Newbury Park (43:55)

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