On The Line: State Champs, Regionals, Eastbay Nats, & More

- - -

On the latest episode of On The Line, Cory and Olivia discuss state championships, highlight performances from Team Regionals, and share more insight on the Eastbay Cross Country Nationals. 

Show Segments:

  • Intro - Survivor Chatter
  • Interview with Francis Parker's (CA) Kenan Pala (1:52)
  • Recapping New Jersey Meet of Champions (16:03)
  • Highlights from the New York Federation (23:04)
  • Discussing Louisana, Massachusetts and Arizona's State Championships (28:50)
  • Is Taytum Goodman a Star? (35:00)
  • What happened at the South and Southwest Team Regionals? (37:56)
  • What to expect at the California State Cross Country Championships (42:31)
  • Eastbay Cross Country Championships talk with PA's state editor's Dan Beck (49:41)
  • More talk on Garmin RunningLane Cross Country Championships (1:05:27)

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