Music City Track Carnival's High School Entries

With just 10 days left until the end of the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials qualifying window, elite-level meets on the calendar have taken on new life as last-ditch qualifiers for those on the outside looking in. 

And that includes aspirational high school athletes. 

On Wednesday, we laid out the six high school-aged athletes who have qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials.

But that list could very well change by the end of the weekend. 

On Saturday and Sunday in Nashville, Tennessee, the Music City Track Carnival -- an expanded version of the Music City Distance Carnival -- will take place at Montgomery Bell Academy. 

Years past have featured some outstanding performances in the mile and 800m. But this time around, even greater distances will play a part. Like usual, there will be elite high school racing. 

Newbury Park's boys, for instance, will compete for the last time in 2021 before the Panthers regroup and recharge as they prepared for the incoming cross country season in the fall. 

Recent high school graduate Tamari Davis, who turned pro in 2020, will look to qualify for the Olympic Trials with a fitting performance on the track. The same will go for Shawnti Jackson, a 15-year-old athlete who could become one of the youngest athletes to qualify for the Trials -- the official honor will go to Sophia Gorriaran, who will turn 16 after the Trials. 

Below are high school athletes entered to compete over the weekend. 


namestategendereventsb/pboly qualifier
Tamari DavisFLWomen's100m11.1311.15

namestategendereventSB/pBoly qualifier
Shawnti JacksonNCWomen's400m52.5451.35

namestategendereventsb/pboly qualifier
Sophia GorriaranRIWomen's 800m2:02.442:02.50

Colin SahlmanCABoysMile4:04.86
Ethan StrandALBoysMile4:07.90
Justin WachtelGABoysMile4:08.43
Kamari MillerGABoysMile4:08.29
Aaron SahlmanCABoysMile4:08.90
Miles AllyTNBoysMile4:10.33
Reuben ReinaARBoysMile4:09.86
Gabriel MontagueFLBoysMile4:10.62
Leo YoungCABoysMile4:10
Landen McNairTNBoysMile4:11.63
Bryce GilmoreCABoysMile4:11.91
Lex YoungCABoysMile4:12
Aiden BrittTNBoysMile
Brady BartonALBoysMile4:12.40

Carmen AlderNCGirls Mile4:40.82
Sadie EngelhardtCAGirls Mile4:46.25
Samantha McDonnellCAGirls Mile4:48.21
Crawford WestALGirls Mile4:53.32
Hannah SchemmelGAGirls Mile4:54.11
Leigh WaltersTNGirls Mile4:55.05
Bella GuillamondeguiTNGirls Mile4:55.13
Kate BrighamWYGirls Mile5:03.59
Mary BradyGAGirls Mile4:56.87
Krystal RodriguezFLGirls Mile4:57.80
Hannah IefieldNYGirls Mile4:58.76
Natalie CookTXGirls Mile4:50.09

Daniel ApplefordCABoys 3200m8:56.77
Isaiah GivensCABoys 3200m8:59
Nicholas GoldsteinCABoys3200m9:00.50
Andrew JonesGABoys 3200m9:01
Miles BrushALBoys 3200m9:07
Jack WilliamsARBoys3200m9:12
Evan HillALBoys 3200m9:15
Joseph PerryALBoys 3200m9:17.03
Griffin HornerNCBoys3200m9:17.34
Miles PhillipsNCBoys 3200m9:22.75
Keegan SmithTNBoys 3200m9:25
Jackson NguyenALBoys3200m9:26
Hayden JudgeALBoys 3200m9:27.24
Thomas McDonnellCABoys 3200m9:30.07
Daniel BlaichGABoys3200m9:30.72
Jackson KeeferORBoys 3200m9:31
Jack CottrellTNBoys 3200m9:31.89
Rocky HansenNCBoys3200m9:32.20
Connor HansenTNBoys 3200m
William HollemanTNBoys 3200m9:32
Jackson BurchNCBoys3200m9:33.13
Christian GonzalezGABoys 3200m9:33
Connor JacksonARBoys 3200m9:39
Ryan LovelaceTNBoys3200m9:30
Jacob BraunFLBoys 3200m9:46

Crawford WestALGirls 3200m10:18.76
Angie AllenNCGirls 3200m10:35
Miranda LorsbachNJGirls 3200m10:39
Hannah SchemmelGAGirls 3200m10:40
Katherine StrongVAGirls 3200m10:46
Megan BoonshaftNCGirls 3200m10:51
Madison JonesMSGirls 3200m10:53.35
Grace Von BibersteinGAGirls 3200m11:00
Ava EscorciaCOGirls 3200m11:02
Nicole PizzoGAGirls 3200m11:04.89
Samantha OulletteTNGirls 3200m11:14.86
Cecelia PugsleyNJGirls 3200m11:15.21
Anna Graves TNGirls 3200m11:18
Virginia HuntTNGirls 3200m11:25

Conner McClureOHMen'sPole Vault17-3
Payton PhillipsGAWomen's Pole Vault14-3
Paige SommersCAWomen's Pole Vault14-9

Jackson DannerALMen's Open 5K15:12
Thomas HolidayALMen's Open 5K16:25

Alex LeathALBoys800m1:52.72
Gabriel RobinsonTNBoys 800m1:53.83
Michael MarvinALBoys800m1:54.13
Gabe ScalesALBoys 800m1:54.25
Eoin McNallyGABoys800m1:55.07
Aidan HattonSCBoys 800m1:55.4
Carson TurnerTNBoys800m1:55.54
Will SumnerGABoys 800m1:55.75
John CoulterTNBoys800m1:55.79
Aiden BrittTNBoys 800m1:58.3
Vincent MwangiFLBoys800m1:56.0
Tyler EbbertTNBoys 800m1:56.0
Joseph MinesGABoys800m1:56.36
Garrett WilmesMOBoys 800m1:57.22
Ricky PlfanzINBoys800m1:57.33
Garrett WilsonTNBoys 800m1:57.7
Jackson StobaughARBoys800m1:58.0
Connor JacksonARBoys 800m1:59.19
Dawson ReevesNCBoys800m1:59.50

Makayla PaigeMAGirls 800m2:06.27
Samantha KavanaghFLGirls 800m2:10.45
Johna GrisikGAGirls 800m2:11.13
Cara JoyceGAGirls 800m2:11.64
Jinah Mickens-MalikFLGirls 800m2:08.05
Samantha BlairCOGirls 800m2:11.65
Maelynn HigginsCOGirls 800m2:12.70
Cady McPahilALGirls 800m2:13.53
Crawford WestALGirls 800m2:12.93
Sofia RutherfordTNGirls 800m2:13.98
Emily RobinsonARGirls 800m2:14.82
Cate StevensGAGirls 800m2:16.18
Jais WardFLGirls 800m2:16.38
Aubrey LaneTNGirls 800m2:17.38
Gracie GibsonTNGirls 800m2:18.15
Lydia TankersleyTNGirls 800m2:18.29
Lexi FoleyTNGirls 800m2:19.69