Bianca Knight Finds Her Purpose & Brings Back Historic Meet

"It lets me know this was my true purpose and track was my vessel to get me there." -- Bianca Knight, 2012 Olympic gold medalist

An Olympic gold medalist and world record holder opened up a new chapter in her life.

Bianca Knight, a Pearl Ridgeland (MS) High School graduate and former University of Texas sprinter, wanted to bring back the Meet Of Champions meet in her home state of Mississippi. 

She recently attended the MHSAA Track and Field Championships and noticed that there was so much talent that had yet to be discovered.

Knight wanted to use her voice and platform to make a difference in Mississippi. That's when she decided that she wanted to host and bring back the Meet of Champions so the athletes there have opportunities to compete and showcase their talent. 

"I saw a need," Knight said. "I want to fill the need. This is in my power to do. Why not do it?"

It's the stories that she heard of from the state championships that moved her.

"Some of the kids who will be at the Meet of Champions don't have a track at their school, but they won the state championship" Knight shared. 

She now believes she's living out her purpose -- giving the athletes in Mississippi a chance to accomplish their dreams. 

Knight of course misses setting her blocks and facing the world's fastest competitors, but she's excited to see the rich competition at the Meet Of Champions. 

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