Ethan Coleman On His Crazy 3,200m Race, Training And More

"I walked into practice and my coach said, 'All right, no more Arcadia. This is it. This Wednesday, it's going down. You have to go." -- Ethan on his recent 3,200m, and how quickly it sprung up on his calendar

Cory sat down with Olympia's (WA) Ethan Coleman recently to discuss his wild 3,200m on April 21, which officially put the high school junior on the map nationally. His performance of 8:49.57 was a junior class record in Washington and a new US No. 4 time.

Coleman also expanded on his training through a pandemic, the incentive and urgency of every race in 2021, and his hopes as the season rolls along -- including an invitation to Brooks PR. For race video and more on the Olympia 3,200m, check out our meet page.

Interview Segments:

  • Welcoming Ethan Coleman to the show [0:30]
  • Thoughts on his sub-8:50 for 3,200m [1:10]
  • Behind the Olympia 3,200 and how quickly it came together [1:50]
  • The joy of a big race, and how he balanced out his objectives [3:00]
  • On the potential of spring, and the start of more races [4:00]
  • On training behind closed doors [5:50]
  • How the brief cross country season helped build the foundation [7:00]
  • On the last lap of the 3,200m [9:00]
  • On evaluating how his future might look by looking at the example of someone else [11:00]
  • On his spring, and a promising future ahead [12:10]
  • On an internal drive that was built years before his big payoff [14:00]
  • One thing he's watching, one thing he's studying and one thing that's a hobby of his [15:00]

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