Brandon Miller Claims 200 Meter National Title

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- Fenton High School senior Brandon Miller had a handful of objectives on Saturday at adidas Indoor Nationals. 

For starters, there was the very clear goal of lowering his 200m career best time of 21.29 seconds, which he accomplished on an oversized 300m track in January -- though for record-keeping purposes, his Michigan state record was actually 21.34, and he earned that mark the previous weekend at the American Track League on a 200m track.

Beyond that, there was the internal mission of making sure he competed to the best of his abilities against the top athletes in the country, and the secondary objectives that he start well, recover his heel low and run the banks with urgency. 

But at the heart of his primary list of things to-do was also winning a national title.

Few high school athletes are ever put in a position to secure that coveted national title, and on Saturday Miller was in full control of his destiny in Lane 6. 

Of course, it wasn't easy. 

Eleanor Roosevelt's Laurenz Colbert actually led into the second turn. As Miller lowered into the final straightaway, he was still losing. 

But it was then where all Miller's work paid off. 

The momentum afforded by this earlier urgency on the bank springed the Michigander into the lead and ultimately to the finish line first. 

In doing so, he accomplished all the other variables on his task-list, including a new career best time of 21.18 seconds -- now US No. 4.

The effort is also within the top 30 performances all-time at the distance in high school. 

And yet, the pivotal question: Was he satisfied?

"I'd like to say I am," Miller said. "But satisfaction kills your drive. I'm not satisfied for anything. I'm hungry for more." 

adidas Indoor Nationals Boys Championship 200m Results

rankname -- Residencetime

1Miller, Brandon -- Fenton, MI21.183
2Colbert, Laurenz -- Greenbelt, MD21.363
3Kao, Jacob -- Acton, MA21.541
4Jackson, Sean -- Lorton, VA21.652
5Brown, Guinness -- Butler, PA21.731
6Landen, Adam -- Bradenton, FL21.813
7Sapp, Keshon -- Greensboro, NC21.862
8Ray, Aaron -- Baltimore, MD21.992
9Monroe, Isaiah --Greensboro, NC22.151