Morolake Akinosun's First Track Meet Will Bring Her Home

Morolake Akinosun, a 2016 Olympic gold medalist, will be flying home to Illinois on Friday to host the first annual Morolake Akinosun Elite Invitational this weekend at the Gately Indoor Track and Field Center.

Akinosun, a 2012 Waubonsie Valley (IL) graduate, wanted to provide an opportunity for the future track generation to be able to compete at home. She remembers having to travel all over the country to have a decent indoor track season, including states like Virginia and Texas.

Now, she's going to be able to host her first meet back at "home." 

Many of the topped ranked athletes in various events will be competing over this weekend at her meet. Akinosun looks forward to starting the gun for the first race of the weekend and seeing the competiton on the track.

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