Throwback: Brian Herron vs. Tyrese Cooper In A Historic 300m


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In 2018, The VA Showcase played host to a historic 300m race. 

The field included the country's top short sprinters, including Tyrese Cooper, Brian Herron, Eric Allen, Nicholas Ramey, Austin Kratz and Nicholas Wilson.

Four would go on to break 34 seconds. 

But taking the win was Georgia high school standout Brian Herron, who would set a new national record of 32.64 seconds. 

Check out the race above. 

2018 VA Showcase AAU Boys 300m Dash Results

Boys 300m Dash
PL	Athlete	Yr.	Team	Time	Heat
1	Herron, Brian	JR	Flight400 Track Club	32.64	1
2	Allen Jr., Eric	SR	Potomac Club	32.84	1
3	Cooper, Tyrese	JR	Miami Gardens Xpress Track Club	33.12	1
4	Kratz, Austin	SR	MAVERIC Athletic Club	33.77	1
5	Ramey, Nick	JR	Flight400 Track Club	34.42	1
6	Wilson, Nicholas	JR	Fasst Track and Field Club	35.71	1