Texas A&M's Pat Henry Speaks On The Trend Of Track Cuts

"If we go through rough times, fine. Let's go through rough times. Let's not eliminate a sport ... We [shouldn't] eliminate the opportunities that this sport allows." - Pat Henry, Texas A&M Head Coach

- - -

Over the last several months, a handful of NCAA Division I universities in the United States have announced the discontinuation of men's cross country and track and field programs due to a variety of reasons: Budget shortfalls, Title IX equality and administration decisions. 

The latest announcement came from Clemson University on November 5

These decisions have impacted many athletes, coaches, and institutions across the country. And they've sparked a wide range of conversations and debate among those effected. 

But Texas A&M University track and field coach Pat Henry was touched personally, as the coaches at Clemson were some of his athletes that he coached when they were in college.

This trend of removing the cross country and track and field programs will impact the sport in the future, recruiting, and can potentially impact how the athletes perform at the Olympic stage.

Coach Henry shares his thoughts on this recent pattern and what should athletes, parents of high school seniors, and people who appreciate track and field should do to save the future of this sport. 

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