Sophie Atkinson, Heidi Nielson Break Down Their Debuts

On the most recent episode of On The Line, Olivia and Cory chat with Katy Cinco Ranch's Sophie Atkinson and Heidi Nielson about their season debuts, then dig into their offseason and find out what the future looks like over the next few weeks. 

Interview Segments: 

  • Odds and ends ahead on MileSplit [1:00]
  • Welcoming Sophie Atkinson and Heidi Nelson to the show [1:30]
  • Sophie and Heidi break down the meet this weekend [3:30]
  • Sophie on her improvement and training over the offseason [4:30]
  • Heidi on finding a few more outdoor races before the start of XC [5:30]
  • On racing with professional women in a fast 1,500 [6:30]
  • On staying consistent and managing a tough period over the offseason [7:45]
  • The one thing the girls were glad to have back [8:20]
  • On the adjustment of meets as qualifying looks different [9:30]
  • Sophie and Heidi go over their commitments [12:00]
  • On final year goals [14:30]

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