On The Line: A Big Season Ahead In Colorado, And Much More

On the latest episode of On The Line, Cory, Bryan and Olivia discuss storylines in Colorado with Bobby Reyes, break down the challenges of the season and ponder impressive performances in August and beyond. 

Show Segments: 

  • Welcoming Bobby Reyes to the show [1:10]
  • The status of Colorado XC this fall [2:00]
  • Looking ahead to the status of states [4:00]
  • The differences in XC [5:30]
  • The impact of teams on the fall season [6:20]
  • Storylines in Colorado in 2020 [7:30]
  • Boys runners in Colorado who could step up in 2020 [10:15]
  • Takeaways from 2020 in Colorado [12:15]
  • Bobby's new book [15:00]
  • On writing his debut novel [17:00]
  • Where you can purchase it [18:40]
  • On the challenges of the fall season [22:00]
  • The most impressive performances of the past week [27:00]
  • The most impressive boys performances from the fall season thus far [35:40]
  • Julia Flynn's sub-17 opened the door for big-time runs [39:00]
  • The most consistent girls athlete this fall [42:50]
  • A big weekend of XC [44:45]

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