Week 1 Preseason Training Blog: Kamiakin's Isaac Teeples

Isaac Teeples is the man to watch in Washington this cross country season. The Kamiakin (WA) High School junior developed into his team's No. 1 runner a year ago, helping the Braves qualify for Team Cross Country Nationals, where the Washington program finished 20th overall. While Teeples was the seventh non-senior across the finish line in 40th overall, he was just the second sophomore overall. Previous to the national championship (his second appearance overall), Teeples was fifth at Regionals and won his first WIAA Class 3A state cross country championship in November. He also produced a PR of 14:34.17 at leagues in October. With just a few returners back on Kamiakin's squad, Teeples will now be tasked with leading the Braves as a newly-minuted upperclassmen. Follow his four-week training blog for MileSplit below.

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      Week 3 (August 31st - September 6th)

      Monday, August 31: Morning run + arm day + 4-mile time trial

      Woke up refreshed and feeling good and went on a little morning run and did core and arms. That night was our end of summer time trial. It was a 4-mile trial and I was super happy with my time and I was satisfied with the summer as a whole.

      Tuesday, September 1: Morning run + recovery run

      School started, so my morning runs start super early now. I had to get up at like 6:00 a.m. on the first day of school and get a small run in. That afternoon was a longer recovery run because I was super sore from last night.

        Wednesday, September 2: Long run + upper-body workout

        I did an easy long run in the afternoon heat and it was awful, but it's gonna cool down by next week, so the afternoon runs won't be as bad. I also did a good upper body workout after my run. I stayed inside the rest of the day because of the heat and hydrated a lot.

        Thursday, September 3: Morning run + core + 1,000m repeats

        Knocked out another early early morning, then hopped on some zoom calls and then did a core workout. It was my friend Adam Chan's Birthday, so I hung out with him and some friends before practice. In the evening, I did a tough 1,000 meter hill repeat workout that I thought went really well, but I did not feel well afterwards and went to bed early.

          Friday, September 4: Morning run + lunch run

          Today I woke up extra early and went a little farther in the morning before school and then did another run during my lunch break, so that I could have the rest of Friday off. Then I went golfing with friends and fell asleep early again; I was pretty beat from the first week of school.

            Saturday, September 5: Fun run

            Met up with some older graduated guys and had a fun run; It wasn't as long as it probably should've been but that's ok. I went golfing with them today, too. I am pretty bad at golf, but today I actually did decent haha. That night me and my friends had a barbecue and played a lot of volleyball as well.

            Sunday, September 6: Long run to catch up on mileage

            I had a lot of catch up mileage today from my short run yesterday, so I went a few in the morning and then did another one in the evening.