On The Line: Indiana's 800 Project Girls Are Ready To Race

On the latest episode of On The Line, Olivia, Bryan and Cory chat with three of Indiana's top 800m runners ahead of their expected competition at the Midsummer Distance Open. The trio includes Maddie Russin, Emily Sonderman and Amaya Turner. Check out what the group had to say. 

Interview Topics:  

  • Welcoming Maddie, Emily and Amaya to the interview [0:16]
  • Objectives for tonight's race in Marion [1:00]
  • Training longer into the season despite uncertainty [2:00]
  • Going up to the 800m this year for Sonderman and Turner [3:10]
  • Talking about Project 800 [4:00]
  • Going after World U20 Best in the women's 4x800 [5:50]
  • Training leading up toward their latest race [7:00]
  • Adding on critical mileage for former sprint-specific athletes [8:50]
  • Getting read for the Midsummer Distance Open [11:00]
  • Maddie and Emily talk about their futures at Indiana [13:00]

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